Grocery Employee Documents All the Items Placed in the Wrong Spot Throughout Her Shift

In a social media video, a grocery employee shows a variety of items placed in the wrong spots, and the comments passed the vibe check.

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Jun. 29 2023, Published 5:13 p.m. ET

Calling all folks with obsessive-compulsive disorder or people who simply hate when things are out of place.

The allure of grocery shopping is being able to find your desired items that are usually in a set spot. For most folks, the minute they walk into a grocery store, they see the produce aisle. Others may notice candies and other sweets by the checkout aisle.

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On that note, it’s become standard to expect grocery items to be in the right place. Truth be told, grocery employees likely also expect to find products in their set spots.

So, when a TikTok video shows a grocery employee finding items in the wrong spots, folks immediately felt the employee’s pain. Here’s the 4-1-1.

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A grocery store employee on TikTok documented all the items that were placed in the wrong spots during her shift.

Chile, some folks don’t know how to put things back where they found them. In a June 2023 video posted to the TikTok account for the store Yama’s No Frills, an employee shows different grocery items located in the wrong places.

As the video starts, DJ Khaled featuring Bryson Tiller and Rihanna’s hit song “Wild Thoughts” plays as the text in the video reads, “POV: You work at a grocery store.”

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You see a bag of loose tomatoes in a canned goods aisle that is randomly placed on a nearly cleared shelf. As DJ Khaled’s voice blares “Another one” over and over, the employee shows a loose banana in a cart that’s full of mustard bottles.

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In the next frame, the employee grabs a can of coconut water that was placed on a shelf that’s home to laundry detergent. Not to mention, there is also a bottle of orange Gatorade in the frame.

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A container of pineapple juice is then grabbed after being placed next to cranberry juice. An open wrapper is placed in a baking dish and a bottle of vitamins is seen on a wooden shelf next to soursop fruit.

Then the frame switches to loose peanuts in a set of Crunch candy bars and a pineapple on top of freeze pops.

TikTok users are sympathetic to the grocery employees that endure the annoyance of dealing with items placed in the wrong section.

Unfortunately, some shoppers do not have proper etiquette. While some grocery employees are tasked with placing products in the right place when unloading inventory, that doesn’t mean anyone wants to spend time walking around the store to find items in the wrong spot.

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And luckily, the comments passed the vibe check as fellow grocery store workers shared their grievances.

“I work at a grocery store and the number of times I'm trying to work I always find things in the wrong place, like cream, milk, and cereal in the freezers,” one person commented.

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“I found a half-eaten rotisserie chicken on the shelf at work one time,” one user shared.

“I’ve had a package of meat in the card aisle. Like come on people (it was warm too),” another user chimed in.

While this video may not help eliminate the problem, it may make shoppers more aware of putting items back in the right place. One step at a time, folks!

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