TikTokers Reignite the Topic of Guests Cutting the Cake at a Friend's Wedding

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Oct. 21 2022, Published 3:19 p.m. ET

Guest cuts friend's wedding cake
Source: TikTok

There are a few rules that people tend to adhere to when attending a wedding. If you're at a wedding with a bride, then one of the most well-known rules is to not wear white to the event to avoid upstaging their dress. Sites like Good Housekeeping suggest not recording the ceremony itself or making unprompted toasts. Not being rude to bartenders should be a given in any setting, including weddings. But a relatively new TikTok opened the floor for a whole new level of wedding faux pas.

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In August 2022, a TikTok was posted of a wedding guest being the first to cut a wedding cake in order to reach her dessert course. It might not have been an unspoken rule to not cut someone else's wedding cake because let's be real: Who would ever think to do that?

This TikTok sparked plenty of conversation when it was first posted, but the conversation has been sparked once again. Let's see what TikTok is saying about guests cutting someone else's wedding cake.

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The TikTok of a guest cutting a friend's wedding cake is blowing up again (sort of).

Let's break down the original TikTok and the horrifying crime it depicts. A woman wearing what can only be described as mediocre Minnie Mouse cosplay takes it upon herself to cut into the top tier of her friend's wedding cake. According to the caption, she ignores the brownie table that was left out for guests and assumed that the bride and groom "forgot to serve" the cake to everyone else.

She adds an addendum claiming that she "know(s) better now," but the act is still shocking nonetheless.

Regardless of whether she realized her mistake, the confidence and casual demeanor with which she cuts someone else's wedding cake had the internet up in arms.

One person commented, claiming that if it were done to them, then they and the perpetrator "would no longer be on speaking terms." Another claimed they "would be absolutely mortified."

Funnily enough, the bride of this wedding commented on this TikTok saying that OP was "formally forgiven and has learned her lesson in wedding etiquette."

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But not a scant two months later, the debate was sparked once again. TikToker @robertdowneyweeniehutjr posted a video reminding people of the act. They're apparently still upset over it, saying that "a single-celled amoeba would know that that is entirely a no-go at a wedding."

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The internet still agrees that it was entirely a bad move. One person commented on the new video saying, "I think it's the audacity to assume they forgot. Like, it's their wedding with a planner [who is] probably on standby. They certainly did not just forget" to cut that cake.

Another person says, "Even at normal parties, you don't do that."

With more comments echoing similar sentiments, we can all safely agree. Don't be the first to cut the wedding cake at someone else's wedding. Can't believe we needed the internet's take on that one.

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