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Source: twitter

This Guy's Pretending to Be a Boyfriend for Women Who Keep Getting Unwanted DMs


When a man found out that women were using random, candid looking photos of men and passing them off as their boyfriends in order to thwart unwanted messages from strangers online, he sprung into action.

It's no secret that modern romance is a bit messed up. Boundaries are blurred thanks to the advent of social media and technology. The "temptation" to reach out to people in random and creepy ways is all too real.

Being trained in a world of instant gratification, even in terms of online dating services, can seriously warp one's idea of what's "ok" and "not ok" in terms of communicating online. Which brings us to the complicated topic of the unsolicited DM.

Now there have been times where people have DM'ed strangers out of the blue and it worked to everyone's benefit involved. There was that one woman on a college campus who randomly hit up Michael B. Jordan and the two of them had an impromptu selfie session.

Although my wife and I weren't exactly strangers before we started dating and then eventually tied the knot, I hit her up randomly on Facebook to "catch up" which was just a code word for, "I've been stalking your FB page and would love to take you out on a date."

But as is often the case, there are times when internet randos can't and won't take no for an answer, which leads to a lot of wasted time on the recipients behalf.