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Source: Paramount Pictures/Twitter

Guy Lies About Knowing CEO of Company to Actual CEO of Company — and Her Response Is Perfect


It's always infuriating whenever you come across someone who claims to know what they're talking about, when they clearly don't. Kind of like the time some dude tried to explain the origin of Indiana Jones costume to the person who actually designed the costume.

Sometimes, "mansplaining" is the cause: when a man immediately dismisses a woman's thoughts on a subject simply because of her sex. Which may have been going on with this CEO's interaction with a random dude at an airport.

Kieran Synder was working on her laptop, which was rocking a sticker for the company, Textio, a writing platform. Upon seeing the sticker, the man stopped and asked the woman if she worked for the brand. Kieran informed the gentleman that she, in fact, did. He responded by saying that the company is awesome and he was really, really good friends with the CEO.