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24 Lies People Actually Thought Would Work

24 Lies People Actually Thought Would Work
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Updated 10 months ago

There is something oddly satisfying about calling someone out. Few things feel better than calling someone a liar and explaining exactly how you know they are a liar. 

Maybe one of the only better feelings is when people do it online. That way it exists forever for the whole world to see. A screencap becomes a plaque commemorating the nonsense that was called out here. 

I mean, sure. You don't get the satisfaction of seeing the liar shrivel up and crawl away, but that is a small price to pay for immortality, no? 

1. I like to think Harry Styles spends all day correcting people on Twitter.
2. Those are different but exactly the same.
4. It's a private jet that I share with the public.
5. Foiled again by security cameras.
6. Seems like you don't have the time for a lot of things.
7. Yeah, but they look so similar!
8. How dare someone choose what she wants to talk about!
9. It's worth repeating that Wendy's has the best social media presence.
11. A question for the ages.
14. What a well constructed argument.
17. Reckless driving isn't sexy.
20. My face is the top result.
24. What were you expecting?
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