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Source: universal television

Guy Who Runs University Feminist Club Throws a Fit When Girl Won't Go on Date


No one likes it when a person tries to get free stuff, or someone who looks a gift horse in the mouth. 

Honestly, there are fewer things that are worse than having to deal with a cheap person. Whether they're cheap when it comes to money, or cheap emotionally, or in the amount of time that they're willing to spend with/on you, it's almost always an unsavory experience when you're forced to deal with someone like that.

The only thing that's worse is when someone is a hypocrite. I used to have a friend who loved making jokes about my ethnicity, but the second I turned it back on them they got all butt-hurt about it and then got absolutely vicious with their jokes and to the point where things got borderline racist.

At the very least though, they weren't cheap, at least not when it came to money.

Because a combination of those two qualities are the absolute worst that a human being could have. And this woman who posted to Reddit's r/choosingbeggas subreddit actually went and found a guy who fits that exact description to a tee.

The worst part? He's the head of the "Feminist Club" on their college campus.