This Woman Got Rid of a Rude Gym Dude in the Perfect Way

When a guy at the gym gave this woman some unsolicited commentary about her workout session, she got rid of him pretty quickly. Here's what happened.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Aug. 24 2023, Published 10:58 p.m. ET

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Nothing is certain except death and taxes." Obviously good ol' Bennie Franks has never been a woman at the gym, otherwise he would have included men talking to women as they are trying to work out. Once when I was at the gym, a man walked up to me and my earbuds and said to my face, "You've lost weight!" I looked at him and calmly said, "That feels impossible, as I'm currently menstruating and am wearing a bloatation device." We never spoke again.

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Very little will shield a lady from an unwanted conversation with a dude who is determined to get their attention. We've tried earphones, an exercise partner, and even Resting B---- Face, to no avail. If a man feels it's his right to chat you up then by God he doesn't care how annoyed you are. That's precisely what happened to @hudabubbaa on TikTok when a man approached her with all sorts of unnecessary nonsense. You're gonna want to stretch out before watching this.

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This guy told a girl at the gym that she was doing way too much.

Moving forward let's call @hudabubbaa Lilith because it's easier and because in Jewish folklore, she was Adam's first wife before Eve and refused to be subservient to him. We love to see it.

Lilith's TikToks are primarily helpful videos with advice about strength training. I watched a few and not only is she recommending excellent workouts, but Lilith is funny too. Sadly, a man interrupted her every single time. For the most part no one was being a jerk but I would argue the very act of interrupting is rude. They don't interrupt their fellow men, that's for sure.

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As Lilith sits, enormous headphones on, she is looking at her cell phone. Never has body language been any less inviting for a conversation and yet, one is about to happen. "I started recording and then this happened," reads text over the video. Lilith look up and I immediately recognize the look on her face.

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"You got a whole a-- camera," says a man's voice off to her left. Don't worry, he's going to come over and repeat himself while Lilith makes a big show of removing her headphones. I've done the same thing. Obviously this guy won't pick up on her not-so-subtle gesture.

She kindly responds by playing dumb. Sometimes when people are forced to explain themselves, they kind of realize how bad they sound. "Huh?" she asks. "You're doing way too much," he fires back. "What do you mean?" she says. "It's extra," he responds. What could possibly be extra about a woman minding her business, in front of a tiny camera. The answer is nothing. He's just bad at initiating a conversation she doesn't want.

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Lilith pulls another classic maneuver out of the lady rolodex. She simply stares, forcing the dude to now put both feet in his mouth. "Alright, you're not doing too much," he assures her. "I was more like talking s---, but it is what it is," he reveals. What "it" is, is childish. When will negging disguised as flirting finally end?

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Finally, Lilith lets this guy have it in a calm and measured fashion. It's kind of like being bit by a snake. You don't know it happened until you're down. "Don't talk s---," she says while smiling sweetly. "It's not cute."

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My dude enters "It's just a joke" territory by telling her he was being playful. Is everyone taking notes? "No it's not," says Lilith. "Playful isn't insulting people." One more time for my men in the back. Playful. Isn't. About. Insulting. People.

He says "fair enough" which is a personal pet peeve of mine. It's what one says when they know they are in the wrong or have lost an argument, but aren't willing to apologize or hold themselves accountable for their actions. It's similar to when folks say, "I'm sorry you feel that way." That's not an apology.

Afterwards, Lilith mumbles a few choice words under her breath to the camera. The comments section explodes with support! "Your reaction was on point though," said one TikTok user. "Regardless of how you felt, you turned him away with respect. Your character is awesome." Most people applauded her confidence and poise. For me, it's the fact that she let that dude walk right into his mistakes with arms wide open.

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