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Source: iStock Images

Is Halloween Canceled?! Bad Weather Is Ruining Trick-or-Treaters' Plans


It seems nature may be playing the cruelest trick-or-treat trick of all. On Halloween night, just as millions of kids are getting ready to dress up and collect free candy from their neighbors, the weather might be making other plans. Heavy rains are expected in many parts of the country, and snow is also a possibility in some areas. What a travesty! So, is Halloween postponed due to the bad weather? 

In some U.S. towns, Halloween 2019 is postponed or even flat-out canceled.

Yes, it’s true. Halloween festivities have been officially postponed in a number of locations, including several towns in Indiana, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. In most cases, trick-or-treating has been officially rescheduled to take place on either Friday, Nov. 1 or Saturday, Nov. 2.