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Source: Getty Images

'Harry Potter' Books Banned from School Library Because They Contain 'Curses and Spells'


Remember Harry Potter? Boy wizard? Round glasses? Lightning bolt scar on his forehead? Two more interesting friends who ultimately end up together even though we all knew they were wrong for each other? Of course you do. The Harry Potter series has been read by nearly every child in the entire world in the last 20 years. 

Seven books, eight movies, a few more books set in the wizarding world, a few more movies concerning the wizarding world, several entire theme parks, some strangely specific facts that J.K. Rowling made up about wizards that we never needed to know (like this one)... It's safe to say that Harry Potter is everywhere and people love it. Except for the administrators of one, sad Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee that's clearly full of muggles.