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Source: warner bros

These Magical 'Harry Potter' Vans Are Every Sneakerhead's Wish Come True


Harry Potter Vans are apparently a thing now and people are waiting with bated breath to see just what the popular sneaker manufacturer has in store for every Hogwarts-loving person out there.

When it comes to buying branded merchandise from your favorite TV show or creative series, the choices are unfortunately almost always a bit lame. And that lameness starts from a very young age, usually.

Look, I loved my Payless Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shoes as much as the next kid, but there was no question as to the quality of said shoes: they were downright awful.

Licensing deals can kill a lot of potentially good products, time was you knew a video game was going to suck, for example, if it was based off of a comic book character or cartoon.

But nowadays, that isn't always the case. Reputable businesses that are known for their stationery, jewelry, and clothing, will often collaborate with popular TV and film franchises in order to bring something truly special to the market. The Harry Potter series is no stranger to this phenomenon.