What's Harry Styles' Biggest Inside Joke With His Fans? The "Banana Song"

What is the "Banana Song" that Harry Styles fans keep talking about? Here's what we know about the singer's uniquely warped lyrics.

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Mar. 8 2023, Published 1:23 p.m. ET

Harry Styles
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It goes without saying at this point that Harry Styles' solo discography is jam-packed with hit songs. It seems as though everyone has a favorite Harry track, and we can't blame them as the British hitmaker has consistently churned out chart-topping tunes for years.

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However, some aspects of Harry's music remain a bit of an inside joke among his fanbase, such as the unofficial "Banana Song" that he has performed in the past. So, what exactly is it? Keep reading for a breakdown.

Harry Styles
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What is Harry Styles' "Banana Song"? It's resurfaced on TikTok.

Despite its unique name, Harry's "Banana Song" isn't a standalone track, rather an on-the-fly remix to one of his biggest songs ever: "Watermelon Sugar." Indeed, fans may recall that Harry performed a concert in Nashville in 2021 where he decided to create a unique twist on the hit track.

Upon seeing a concertgoer in the crowd dressed in a banana costume, Harry changed the words of "Watermelon Sugar" to "She's dressed as a banana." Then, he noticed more banana costumes in the crowd and altered the lyrics once again to "They're all dressed as bananas." The moment became a bit of an inside joke among Harry's fans, and has since come back again in another live performance.

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While performing at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand on March 7, 2023, Harry revived the "Watermelon Sugar" remix once again, this time modifying it to include other vegetable costumes present among the crowd.

Besides singing "She’s dressed as a banana / She’s dressed as a banana / Aye, aye aye," Harry went on to add, "There’s two people dressed up as peas / There’s two people dressed up as peas."

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An aubergine
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Vengolis

What is an aubergine? Harry added it to his "Banana Song" recently.

Harry concluded the quirky remix with another new line: "Is there anyone dressed as an aubergine? / Is there anyone dressed as an aubergine? / No, no, no, there’s not, there’s not an aubergine." According to Oxford, an aubergine is "a vegetable with shiny dark purple skin that is soft and white inside." The aubergine is commonly prepared via grilling, frying, or baking and is found in dishes such as ratatouille, moussaka, miso aubergine, and more.

In the U.S., it's more commonly referred to as an eggplant.

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Although it's pretty clear that the "Banana Song" will never be officially released, it holds a special place in Harry's fans' hearts and may very well be played again in future shows with attendees dressed as fruits and vegetables. Who knows? Harry might add new words to the "Banana Song" once again if he spots you in the crowd dressed as something he hasn't seen before.

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