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Source: YouTube

Harry Styles' New Single, "Lights Up," Is an Ode to National Coming Out Day


This is not a drill, people. My personal favorite former 1D member, Harry Styles, has released new solo music for the first time in over a year, and his comeback track not-so-coincidentally happens to be gracing our music-loving souls on none other than National Coming Out Day.

While the song is catchy, many consider the new single, called "Lights Up" to be a "bisexual anthem." So if you haven't already listened to Harry Styles' National Coming Out Day release, definitely do so right now.

Harry Styles released a "bisexual anthem" on National Coming Out Day.

As you may know, the former 1D musician has previously referenced his attraction to men and women several times before (if you haven't listened to the song "Medicine," for example, do it now. It seriously slaps).