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Source: Getty Images

Relax, Harry Styles Isn't Really Going to Jail


If you were a Harry Styles fan on Twitter yesterday, you might have had a mini-breakdown when you saw the hashtag #HarryStylesIsGoingtoJailParty trending on the social media platform.

Or, if you are like the rest of us and don't keep up with the former One Direction star, you were probably very confused about the news that Harry was arrested. 

Well, relax everyone, because Harry is not going to jail. 

So, why was "Harry Style is going to jail" trending on Twitter? 

Well, it looks like the hashtag was started by some K-Pop fans who wanted to stir up some drama with the One Direction fandom, according to PopCulture

"Harry Styles is only going to jail because he doesn’t stan K-Pop," read one of the offending tweets.