Throngs of People Want Lovely Peaches Arrested for Her "Hate Speech"

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Feb. 24 2021, Updated 2:39 p.m. ET

Lovely Peaches

Social media influencer drama is nothing new. It might have something to do with humanity's endless fascination with shallow, gutter-level feuds we love to shake our heads at. Or maybe we're genuinely horrified by some of the things popular influencers say and do, like when Lovely Peaches "joked" about hiring someone to sexually assault TikTok-er Charli D'Amelio or "pimping" her infant daughter out to pedophiles.

The question many people have on social media is, has she been arrested?

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Lovely Peaches' TikTok drama ultimately ended up getting her banned and she lost custody of her daughter.

Not only was Lovely Peaches banned from TikTok, but it seems like she's off of Instagram as well. The "human trainwreck," as many users refer to her online, angered many for publicly threatening to have Charli, a teenager, "raped," but that was only the beginning of the ire she has garnered online.

She also uploaded several videos where she discussed abusing her daughter, Cora, and how she intended to harm the young girl when she grew up. She nonchalantly discussed hypothetical scenarios in graphic detail about how she'd kill Cora and sell her into sexual slavery. There was also public footage of her calling Cora a "ho," and she yelled at the child while on an Instagram live.

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has lovely peaches been arrested
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Several people petitioned to have Lovely Peaches lose custody of her baby and folks rallied to not only find a more suitable home for Cora, but bar the social media star from any visitation rights. The Children's Riot and Salvation Foundation mobilized a large scale effort to place Cora in protective care and reports indicate that Peaches will no longer have custody of Cora.

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Has Lovely Peaches been arrested for her behavior?

As of now, no, she hasn't. Although there's been a lot of individuals clamoring for her arrest online, there aren't any records to indicate that Lovely Peaches (real name Brittany Johnson) has been brought into custody for her hate speech and threats against Charli D'Amelio or her treatment toward Cora.

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Just like the petitions to remove Cora from Peaches' custody, however, there is a growing petition that lists Peaches' behavior and is calling for signatures to help bring the attention of authorities to look into potentially arresting the social media star: 

"Brittany Johnson, known to most by her social media persona as "Peaches", is a 17yo prostitute who openly admits to selling sex to older men in exchange for food, money, and shelter to her fan base of over 80k people."

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The blurb on the petition page continues: "She's gained most of her recognition through a series of disturbing social media stunts including eating her own feces, releasing pornography of herself (That's now uploaded to PornHub), licking used sanitary napkins & tampons, as well as even performing sexual acts on a dog (all with video evidence many have saved)...she's been posting [videos of] harming her 8-month old daughter Cora (who she's said she's performed oral on in the past as well)."

"Many fear for the life of her child and are worried she might possibly abuse/kill her [Cora]."

While the individual who uploaded the petition writes in the blurb that they "believe this petition will go nowhere," it's garnered a massive amount of signatures: over 208,000 as of this writing.

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A video taken by a man named Mark Gillespie, who claims to be a retired federal agent, has been making the rounds on social media as well. In the video, Gillespie directly addresses Lovely Peaches, saying that he's viewed her videos and is disgusted by them and will work to have her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for her behavior toward her child.

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There are tons of people applauding Gillespie's initiative, with many celebrating the prospect of Peaches being incarcerated for her treatment of Cora.

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