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Source: Netflix, change.org

Community Petitions to Shut Down Haunted House They Say Is Just a Thinly Veiled "Torture Chamber"


Though it's not everybody's cup of tea, lots of people enjoy the thrill that comes from having the buhjeezus scared out of them. It's why we like horror movies, telling ghost stories around a campfire, and walking through creepy haunted houses. But the community of Summertown, Tennessee complains McKamey Manor, a "survival horror" house that has set up shop in their town, goes too far. 

Now they're organizing to get the place shut down for crossing the line from harmless fun to actual torture. Their change.org petition to "Shut down McKamey Manor" has collected over 80,000 signatures as of publication, and the allegations in the summary by petitioner Frankie Towery makes some disturbing claims about the establishment and its owner.

Source: Netflix