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The Eeriest Haunting in Each U.S. State


Some places seem to wear their history like a cloak, giving off a creepy, unwelcoming vibe. Then there are those that not only feel uninviting but seem to actively chase visitors away with unexplained cold spots, angry voices from nowhere, and other unexplained events. 

From abandoned asylums to haunted hotels, these are the creepiest, eeriest locations in the U.S. While not everyone believes in the paranormal, these places challenge the resolve of even the staunchest skeptics.

1. Alabama — Bill Sketoe’s Hole

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Located in Newton, the story behind this mysterious location involves the lynching of an alleged Civil War deserter. Bill Sketoe was accused of hiring a substitute to fight on his behalf while he stayed behind to care for his ailing wife. For his crime, which he denied, Bill was sentenced to hanging. Because he was tall, a trench was dug under the bridge from which Bill was to hang by the neck until dead. Afterward, the hole has remained unfilled and, in fact, people report efforts to fill the 8-inch deep hole were always mysteriously reversed. 

However, that changed in 1990 when the hole was filled with heavy rocks. However, the spot is still recognized for having a lot of paranormal activity.