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10 of the Craziest Unsolved Mysteries in History


One night, I was standing on the balcony outside my apartment with my friend. All of a sudden, he points to something in the sky, and I look up. A round orb, almost like a dimmer, smaller moon, was hovering in the sky, floating right over our heads. It slowly bounced around for a bit, then zipped off in one direction and stopped. It hovered there for a second, lightly bouncing up and down, then zipped off in another direction and stopped again. The orb did this a few times before it stopped for the last time, slowly began to fade, and then disappeared. 

I swear, this happened. We both saw it. We both freaked out. We both to this day have no idea what it was. Sometimes, people have collective experiences — ones that really and truly happen — that they simply cannot explain. 

There have been more than a few fascinating stories and events throughout human history that remain mysterious to this day. 

1. D. B. Cooper

Source: Wikipedia

On Wednesday, November 24, 1971, a man who'd only identified himself as D. B. Cooper hijacked a plane flying between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Right after the plane took off, he handed a note to the flight attendant that said he had a bomb. He then demanded $200,000, four parachutes, and a fuel truck standing by in Seattle. 

When his demands had been met, the plane landed in Seattle. Passengers and flight attendants were led off the plane as it refueled, and soon, the plane was back in the air with only Cooper, the pilots, one flight attendant, and a flight engineer on board. After takeoff, D. B. Cooper opened the door and parachuted out of the plane. Neither he nor the $200,000 (well most of it) were ever heard from again. In 1980, a portion of the ransom turned up in Tena Bar, near Vancouver, Washington.

The FBI's list of suspects was long, but they investigated the case without success until 2016, when they decided to suspend it. In the meantime, D. B. Cooper has become a sort of folk hero and legend, the subject of several novels, comic books, films, and TV shows. 

In 2018, a group of former FBI investigators claimed to have discovered the real identity of D. B. Cooper. They believe Cooper was actually Robert Rackstraw, a Vietnam vet and a suspect in the FBI's original investigation for a short time. 

For most, however, the case of D. B. Cooper remains inconclusive and probably always will.