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28 Social Studies Memes That'll Make History Nerds Laugh like Caligula

By Mustafa Gatollari

History always seemed like a boring subject when I was a kid because who the heck wants to learn about a bunch of people who died a long time ago? What does that have to do with my current problems, like how am I going to get my Dad to buy me a Dreamcast?

A brilliant friend of mind once said that history should serve one purpose: to scare you. Because anyone in history who attained truly great things and was happy had to go out of their minds to do it. And I completely agree with that. But let's be honest, most people won't do that.

So the next best thing I guess is to use history to make some pretty dope memes, like these people did.

1. Don't do it Romulus!

Source: imgur

If you wanna know the history of Romulus and Remus, it gets pretty weird right from the beginning. I mean these dudes were apparently nursed by a wolf, so I kind of believe that this meme is exactly how things went down.