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Source: YouTube

These Conspiracy Theories On YouTube Make Flat-Earthers Look Sane


In case you haven't noticed, conspiracy theories have gotten completely out of hand. Thanks to YouTube, crazy theories that never left niche message boards or the weirdest parts of reddit are now becoming mainstream. And we're not just talking about the Illuminati or "cloning" — these beliefs are even more far-fetched and, honestly, more hilarious. I mean, Flat Earthers, anyone? 

Fortunately, YouTube has decided to crack down on conspiracy theory channels and no longer promote them as "recommended" videos. However, that still hasn't stopped most theorists. Is Cardi B really possessed by demons? We'll let you be the judge of that.

Theory No. 1: Government program MK-ULTRA is brainwashing celebrities.

Source: YouTube

Out of all the crazy conspiracy theories on YouTube, this one is probably the most popular. It doesn't help that MK Ultra was a real government program that really did brainwash people in the 1950s, which gives the theorists an ounce of credibility. However, their theory that the government is brainwashing celebrities to spread their occultish agenda is a tad far-fetched. 

On YouTube, theorists like to share videos of their "proof," and according to them, whenever a celeb has a public meltdown or acts strangely on TV, it's a symptom of the celeb suffering from a mind-control malfunction. These "glitches" include Al Roker "freezing" on camera for several seconds, Cardi B "glitching" during a red carpet interview, and Beyoncé swaying trance-like to no music.

The MK Ultra theory is another branch of the Illuminati conspiracy that celebs are all part of a secret society that worships the devil. Some of the more religious theorists believe celebs aren't simply mind-controlled but are actually possessed by demons. However, the most passionate believers fail to realize that many of these "odd behaviors" are probably from alleged drug use, stress, or lack of sleep. But "government-controlled occultish zombies" definitely has a more tantalizing ring to it.