These Conspiracy Theories On YouTube Make Flat-Earthers Look Sane

Celebrity conspiracy theories on YouTube are getting even crazier, from brainwashing to time traveling. Here's a list of the most insane ones.


Apr. 21 2020, Updated 4:12 p.m. ET

cardi b glitch
Source: YouTube

In case you haven't noticed, conspiracy theories have gotten completely out of hand. Thanks to YouTube, crazy theories that never left niche message boards or the weirdest parts of reddit are now becoming mainstream. And we're not just talking about the Illuminati or "cloning" — these beliefs are even more far-fetched and, honestly, more hilarious. I mean, Flat Earthers, anyone? 

Fortunately, YouTube has decided to crack down on conspiracy theory channels and no longer promote them as "recommended" videos. However, that still hasn't stopped most theorists. Is Cardi B really possessed by demons? We'll let you be the judge of that.

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Theory No. 1: Government program MK-ULTRA is brainwashing celebrities.

wendy williams faints
Source: YouTube

Out of all the crazy conspiracy theories on YouTube, this one is probably the most popular. It doesn't help that MK Ultra was a real government program that really did brainwash people in the 1950s, which gives the theorists an ounce of credibility. However, their theory that the government is brainwashing celebrities to spread their occultish agenda is a tad far-fetched. 

On YouTube, theorists like to share videos of their "proof," and according to them, whenever a celeb has a public meltdown or acts strangely on TV, it's a symptom of the celeb suffering from a mind-control malfunction. These "glitches" include Al Roker "freezing" on camera for several seconds, Cardi B "glitching" during a red carpet interview, and Beyoncé swaying trance-like to no music.

The MK Ultra theory is another branch of the Illuminati conspiracy that celebs are all part of a secret society that worships the devil. Some of the more religious theorists believe celebs aren't simply mind-controlled but are actually possessed by demons. However, the most passionate believers fail to realize that many of these "odd behaviors" are probably from alleged drug use, stress, or lack of sleep. But "government-controlled occultish zombies" definitely has a more tantalizing ring to it.

Theory No. 2: Barron Trump is a time traveler.

barron trump
Source: Getty Images

This theory took off back in 2017 and is still making the rounds on YouTube. It all started when some sleuths on Twitter discovered some old books published in the 1800s called Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey and 1900: or, The Last President. The stories tell the tale of "Baron Trump," his father-figure named "Don," and their adventure across Russia. In The Last President, the story describes a split nation torn apart after a populist president is elected, causing a civil war. Sound familiar? Theorists thought so, and it didn't help that a drawing of "Baron Trump" looked similar to the real Barron. This was enough proof for them to believe that Barron traveled back in time and wrote those books to hint about the future.

 To back up their theory, fans even dragged Nikola Tesla into it, citing that the inventor wrote notes about a time machine invention in the years before his death. Those notes, which were seized by the FBI, were seen by Donald Trump's uncle, John G. Trump. Was it possible those notes were passed down to the Trump family, making them a band of time travelers?? I'm not even going to dignify that question with an answer.

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Theory No. 3: Chuck-E-Cheese recycles its pizza.

chuck e cheese pizza
Source: Twitter

This conspiracy theory really picked up steam last month when YouTuber Shane Dawson investigated the rumor for his popular conspiracy series. The theory was that Chuck-E-Cheese didn't make fresh pizzas and, instead, compiled pizzas using slices recycled from half-eaten pizza. When Shane went to a local Chuck-E-Cheese to test the theory himself, he was shocked when the waiter served him two irregular-shaped pizzas. Since then, tons of other YouTubers have followed suit by uploading videos of the scary pizzas they also got from their local Chuck-E-Cheeses. Although technically it's still a "theory" since it hasn't been verified as a fact, this conspiracy looks pretty darn plausible.

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Theory No. 4: There are evil messages in pop songs when you play them backwards.

ti simaine to hit me baby one more time tis britnei spiars
Source: YouTube

If you thought time traveling sounded pretty weird, would you believe that pop stars put subliminal messages in their music that encourages Satan worship and promiscuity? It's called "backmasking," and according to theorists, if you play songs backwards you can hear the secret messages. For example, if you listen to Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)" backwards you hear, "Sleep with me I'm not too young." And in Rihanna's "Disturbia," you can kinda hear, "I love Satan." Probably the funniest is Justin Bieber's "Baby," which allegedly includes backwards lyrics encouraging kids to rob banks for the "Satanic new world order."

Considering the act of listening to songs backwards for "messages" has been around since the '70s (remember "Paul is dead"?), this is one conspiracy that probably won't be going anywhere soon.

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Theory No. 5: 'Frozen' was a coverup.

disney frozen

According to this theory, Disney's hit movie Frozen was actually an elaborate plot to cover up the rumor that Walt Disney had his body frozen after his death. Theorists say the proof is on Google. If you try searching for "Frozen Disney," all you get is thousands of results for the movie and none about Walt's cryogenic frozen body. From a marketing perspective, it's rather smart. 

"Not only would Disney have found a way to push a pesky conspiracy theory out of search results,” a digital marketer told High Times. “They found a way to make $1.276 billion at the box office as well, and that’s not accounting for any merchandise or additional sales."

However, there's one problem — Walt wasn't frozen. His body was cremated and his ashes were spread across Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. But hey, it's a fun theory to think about.

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Theory No. 6: Celebrities dine in an underground cannibal restaurant.

katy perry
Source: YouTube

Now this one is a doozy. Last year, a fake news website reported that celebs like Katy Perry and Meryl Streep were dining at an underground "cannibal club" in Los Angeles that served human meat to elites. The article linked to this obviously fake site of the restaurant and cited an anonymous source for providing the celebrity names. YouTube theorists ran with it, linking the incident to another fake news story about Katy Perry bragging about her love for human flesh on a French radio show. Although debunked both stories, that still didn't stop YouTubers from accusing celebs and politicians of cannibalism. 

"These sick elites in the media and politics are now coming out and trying to 'normalize' eating human flesh," a YouTuber, who I don't feel like linking to, wrote. "They and their New World Order associates, have moved onto the next phase of their masterplan, and have begun openly promoting dark spirituality as a viable religious choice." That makes total sense.

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Theory No. 7: Anne Hathaway is a reincarnation of William Shakespeare's wife.

anne hathaway shakespeare conspiracy theory qqh
Source: Wikipedia Commons, Getty Images

Back in 2017, this conspiracy theory started making the rounds when Google accidentally listed Anne Hathaway as William Shakespeare's wife. However, it was an understandable mistake on Google's part considering William's wife was also named Anne Hathaway. When Internet sleuths decided to dig more into the story, they discovered that current Anne's husband looked eerily similar to William. Theorists then came to the most reasonable conclusion: Anne and her husband are reincarnations of William and his wife. 

Crazier theories suggested she was possibly a time traveler or a vampire; however, most went with the reincarnation angle. A few YouTubers cited an old quote from William where he said he hoped his wife would become famous "in another life." Dun dun dun! 

Although implausible, it's definitely the most "fun" theory on this list.

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Theory No. 8: The Mandela Effect

the mandela effect exposed who is behind it why how all explained
Source: Twitter

You've definitely heard of the Mandela Effect. It's been making the Internet rounds for about three years now, and YouTubers are still talking about it. For those of you who are unaware, the Mandela Effect is a theory that false memories are actually proof that society often splits into different dimensions. The most popular example is The Berenstain Bears. Many people swear the books were actually called The Berenstein Bears. Right now the latest craze are people uploading videos of "proof" that the phenomenon exists. Some recent examples include whether the cartoon sun on the box of Raisin Bran wore sunglasses or not and the mysterious disappearance of Richard Simmons' headband.

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Theory No. 9: Celebrities speak a secret language.

jimmy fallon secret language
Source: YouTube

This is another theory that also straddles the whole "celebrities are actually demons" area. In this conspiracy, YouTubers with way too much time on their hands slow down and reedit videos to show "proof" celebs are speaking in Satanic gibberish. The theorists particularly spend a lot of time analyzing talk show shows like Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres, who are both known "babblers." However, according to theorists, it's not babbling or mumbling you're hearing but a secret language that only the Hollywood elite understands. "They're in a secret club aka CULT and we ain't in it," one YouTuber wrote in their video. "And their cult has their own language they use on AIR!" 

To be honest, when you watch the clips featured in these videos, it's very hard to pick up anything suspicious, but theorists maintain that celebs slip in the words quickly so that you don't catch it. "If they had good intentions, why would they hide it?" another YouTuber asked, suggesting that the secret words were used for casting spells.

However, now that YouTube is cracking down on conspiracy videos, here's hoping these theorists can go outside and get some much-needed fresh air.

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