Woman Finds a Hidden Room in Her House — It's "Creepy as Hell"

A woman found a hidden room in her house. She filmed what she found in a video and it is very creepy. We break down the video inside.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 31 2023, Published 9:38 p.m. ET

Imagine that you are in your bathroom and putting things away in a cabinet when you see a handle that you never noticed before. You push on the handle to find a hidden room that you had no idea was there. What would you do?

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This exact scenario happened to one woman on TikTok and she shared it for the world to see. The room she found can only be described as creepy.

We break down the video below. Read on.

A woman found a hidden room in her house and it's creepy.

A woman known as @bigbrah1 on TikTok posted a video of the hidden room she found and it has 1.3 million views and counting with 99.8 thousand likes, and 936 comments.

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The 20-second video set to a circusy rendition of the children's nursery rhyme "Daisy, Daisy," opens with footage of a curio cabinet and the words, "found a hidden room in my house."

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When the woman opens the cabinet, she finds a door handle that leads to another room. That other room is some type of child-like playroom that "locks from the inside."

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The room is painted pink and teal blue, with colorful hands and footprints on the walls, as well as stars, smiley faces, and other random shapes. One wall reads, "Love shack," and there are children's paintings displayed on the ceiling.

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We've all seen the movie Room, and this feels very reminiscent of that but we are really hoping that this is a playroom for kids that just so happens to be hidden behind a cabinet. No biggie!

The caption reads, "What do I do?" and we would definitely feel similarly if we had been the ones to discover this room. Naturally, people had questions about this room, and @bigbrah1 followed up with more of an explanation.

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In the follow-up video, the OP tells us that the room is hidden behind a door in her basement bathroom and you have to step on the toilet and then crawl in. She also says that the room was clearly made for children because you can't stand all the way up in the room.

The woman reveals that she has known about the room but was cleaning it out when she made the video. She painted the room and now uses it for storage, but still feels that the room is "creepy as hell."

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Multiple people commented on her original video telling the woman to contact the police. She addressed this in the update stating that she "will not be calling the police because, girl what the hell you want me to tell them?"

One person commented that, "At first i thought prison room but it locks from the inside, towards the end very obvious it was a middle/high school girls chill spot with her friends." We thought the same thing. The only reason why we aren't super freaked out is because the room locks from the inside, not the outside.

We truly do think that it was just a playroom for the girls that used to live there...doesn't make it less creepy though.

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