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Guy's Fiancee Blows up at Him After Discovering He Has a "Secret Room" in Home



Imagine you bought a house and lived in it for a few months, only to discover that it had more rooms than you originally thought it did.

There's a few ways you can react to the news, and I think it all depends on how into horror flicks you are. Sure, there might be some ancient evil lurking within a box, or amulet, or pair of gardening gloves that turns you into a psychopathic maniac once you put them on. But that's the risk you take when you get a deal on real estate.

Or, if you're like me, you'd probably be stoked to discover that your home actually has more value/space than you thought upon discovering the extra room. You could turn the secret room into anything you'd like. Maybe it's a little fitness studio? Or a chill spot where you and your guests get ripped to shreds and listen to Tool? Or maybe it's a quiet home office?

This anonymous Reddit user, however had other plans for his secret room.

Right out of college, he was lucky enough to afford an apartment in a building that he could own and design as he pleased. After gutting the place and getting to work renovating the entire space, he was able to make it look great, but also create something he always dreamed of having as a kid: a secret room! (I mean who doesn't want their own little nook to chill in, am I right?)

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

The entrance to said secret room is a "flush mount bookcase put in the doorway," which leads to a what he describes as a "very large closet." It's a windowless little spot that doesn't get much use, but he put some work into it and never, ever told any of his friends, or even his girlfriend, Emma, about it. As he puts it, if it's a "secret" room, then it wouldn't be much of a secret if he went around telling everyone it exists, right?

He said that he planned on spilling the beans once he had "a reason to," like if they had a kid and needed space for a changing table, or to create a "craft-nook" for Emma.

Here's where things get interesting, though. Emma moved in with OP and lived there for a full eight months without knowing about the secret room. She wasn't privy to it at all!

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During this whole time, OP had mainly been using the secret room for storage, because he didn't really have a need to hang out in a windowless, oversized closet.

Since the two of them have been working from home and getting a little stir crazy from being cooped up indoors all day, Emma joked that she wishes they had another room in the house in order to break up the monotony of their day-to-day routine.

That's when OP thought it'd be a great idea to pull the old, "Well, actually" card. He took Emma to the bookcase, opened it up, and showed her the secret room he had made in the apartment.

It didn't go well. Emma "flipped out" and is now "furious" at OP for what she considers "a major betrayal of trust. She's acting like [he] cheated on her."

After trying to explain that he saved the reveal for a "special moment," Emma said she "thinks that makes it worse."

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Not understanding why his fiancee was freaking out as hardcore as she was, OP decided to take to Reddit to ask if his response to her anger was unreasonable.

It seemed like the majority of people believed he did nothing wrong, stating that it was "another closet" and "not another woman."

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Others thought it was just a fun surprise he was saving for her, and that Emma's outrage over the situation isn't warranted in any way, shape or form.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Others think that it's just a case of cabin fever where two people have been spending prolonged amounts of time with one another and began flipping out for no reason. Then there were some who simply thought that she has no right to be angry because, technically, it's OP's house. But I don't think that's a point he should bring up in an argument. Trust me, it never ends well.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

What do you think? Is his ability to hide a "secret closet" from her indicative of his ability to hide other secrets from her as well? Or is Emma freaking out for no reason?

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