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People Share the 'Incidents' That Became Legendary in Their High Schools



Everyone had that incident in high school. You know what I'm talking about. My high school had that senior who was definitely dating the gym teacher. There was also the time the seniors released thousands of crickets one year as a prank, and the murder that happened years before behind the track in the woods. 

One Twitter user asked people to share what their high school "incidents" were. As varied and crazy as all these stories are, there is also something oddly familiar about them. 

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Ah, the grenade kid. I feel like we all had a grenade kid. This kid didn't necessarily always bring a grenade to school, but they would do something that would inadvertently mess things up for the rest of us all day. 

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This is...insane. It's like a story out of a Lifetime movie. The murderous nerd who blackmails his secretly racist and inappropriate teacher into helping him hide the body? I have a hard time believing that this is real life. 

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Yikes. Student deaths are always tragic and weird and hard to handle. I couldn't imagine going back to school after a whole group of students killed themselves because they believed the world was going to end. That's a horrendous tragedy. 

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Enough with Lifetime... This is straight-up Cinemax! The janitor joining in is the cherry on top of this bonkers cake. Why do adults make such bad decisions in the place where they work? This would be fine if they did it literally anywhere else!

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I do understand the intense feeling of satisfaction one gets when someone is caught doing the thing they preach against. Of course, there is the chance that this priest was always very sex-positive and open about his kinks, but somehow, I doubt it.

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Inappropriate student-teacher relationships are, unfortunately, more common than you would hope, but I was convinced that all-out food fights only happened in movies and on TV shows. They had to get a new ceiling! How do you even replace a ceiling?! 

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I'm confused about why the teacher's husband was arrested, unless he was somehow in on it, but no matter what, this is extremely messy. I'm not even quite crystal clear on what happened. I just hope all of these teachers were fired and banned from teaching ever again. 

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Oh boy. You can't recover from a mistake like that. There was no other option. I remember in my high school, someone went snooping and found one of my teacher's online dating profile. We all saw pictures of this evil, middle-aged man shirtless with a towel wrapped around his waist. It's been about 15 years and I still can't erase that image from my brain.

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This is kind of sweet. In a follow-up, they explain that the dog reappeared hours later on the bus home. Either someone snuck it on or it hopped on itself. The teachers helped hide the dog while they crossed the border (the trip was in another country) and one of the students eventually adopted the pup. 

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Whoops! If I was in high school and I got a nickname because of a mistake I made, I would be beyond embarrassed. High school is rough enough as it is. I'm glad she seems to have had a sense of humor about it.

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Love a good giant misunderstanding. A similar thing happened in my town. The whole place was up in arms because two creepy guys in a van were driving around talking to little kids. It turned out to be the older cousins of one of my friends. They weren't from our town and they'd gotten lost, so they asked some kids for directions.

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Again, these kinds of stories are priceless. Obviously, you want schools to be vigilant about threats, but it's such a relief and very funny when they turn out to be so incredibly innocent

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"Someone pooped an impossibly giant poop" is possibly my favorite sentence in the English language. Of course this happened. Giant poops are legendary. I wonder if the pooper was ever revealed. It's kind of better it it remained a mystery for all those years.  

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"The Yogurt Fight" sounds like a YA novel. Like The Chocolate War. I wonder why this fight broke out with yogurt specifically, and I really wonder what led to the teacher breaking their arm. Imagine explaining that to the ER doctor. "There was yogurt everywhere, and...I don't know."

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Um, I love that this girl did this and I cannot believe that his parents actually sued the school. That seems way overboard. In general, though, teachers are far too lax about checking the yearbook. Students always sneak in weird stuff.

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This is...crazy? Illegal? Insane? What's the word I'm looking for? I think it's all three of those things. Where did they get a dead body?! Who was it?! I need to know everything about this. 

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OK, on the other side of the spectrum from the dead body on the flagpole is this genius prank. It doesn't hurt anybody, you could argue that it's an actual science experiment, and it's super funny. This is the kind of senior prank I like to see.

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This is bonkers! How was he not caught for over 10 years?! And at that point...if he's a good teacher...and he's setting his students up for success... I mean, I guess you have to fire him, but you'd probably be upset about losing a good teacher!

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This is incredible. The entire school! On lockdown! Because of a stolen muffin! This seems like a scene out of Matilda. I can imagine the Trunchbull pulling something like this. I wonder if the muffin thief got caught crumb-handed.

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