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Source: Paramount Pictures

High School Alumnus Causes Ruckus by Admitting to Rigging Senior Superlative Results 13 Years Ago


Imagine this: It's 2007. You're about to graduate high school. Your low-rise jeans are digging into your pelvis, and you can't move because you're wearing three polo shirts, one on top of the other. But you have nice eyes. The nicest eyes in the grade, in fact. You know it. Everyone knows it. And now it's official because it's in the yearbook. There you are. Nicest Eyes. 

You went through college secure in the idea that your eyes were gorgeous. Maybe you even became an eye doctor just so lots of people would be forced to gaze into those beauts day in and day out. And then suddenly, the rug is ripped out from underneath you. A classmate from your senior year who you haven't spoken to or thought about or, frankly, remembered existed for the last 13 years comes out and says it was all a lie. 

They admit, right there, in the Historical Figure High School Class of 2007 Facebook group that the superlatives were rigged. The people who won did so because they fudged the votes. This happened, people. And it's not pretty.

Source: Twitter