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35 Yearbook Quotes That Are Worthy Of The Honor Roll

By Mustafa Gatollari

High school is funny in a way that a lot of RPGs are funny. You level up your characters by fighting enemies in these small areas for hours and hours to beat this big bad, boss. Then, once that's done, you go out into another area of the game that eventually leads you to the World Map and you realize, "Wow, this game is a heck of a lot bigger than I imagined."

That's what high school was like for me: everything seems like such a big deal and then, once you get to college and start working multiple part-time jobs to save money, you realize that all of the stuff you dealt with in high school was petty and not worth your time.

Something that these high school seniors figured out before they walked to get their diplomas. I mean, why else would the treat the "sanctity of the yearbook" with such irreverence?

1. Why indeed?

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"Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?"