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These Seniors Bid Farewell to High School With Hilarious Yearbook Quotes



For a lot of us, high school was the worst. A lot of it depends on the school you went to and the kids you grew up around, but I'd imagine that even if you got along with everyone, there was still a lot to worry about.

A packed schedule, dealing with your own ever-shifting hormones, the amped-up demands and increasingly difficult subject matter you had to constantly master and on top of all that: administrative rules, rules, and rules. Oh, and college applications and all the nonsense that goes along with that fun process. There's plenty to freak out over.

But there is a silver lining: it ends. You get to be done with it all, but before you move on to the next phase of your life, the one where you realize all the BS you used to stress out over in high school was ridiculous, you get to send yourself off with a yearbook quote.

Some people's are more memorable than others and share universal truths.

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Others use pop culture references to comment on the state of education in America. I like how the person below got a little subliminal with theirs, since it requires heading to Netflix and queuing up the right moment to get the message she wanted to convey.

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Others tested the boundaries of their yearbook staff's "standards" committee. But honestly, I see no lies here, and I bet you anything Betshina here stands by this piece of life advice well into adulthood.

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Some used it as a chance to hype themselves up one last time — or throw shade on their classmates, depending on which way you look at it.

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When she couldn't come up with a quote for herself, this student derived inspiration from the m.o. of the most neurotic member of the Friends cast. When in doubt, lean on sarcasm!

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This kid's mom thought that he would be sappy and "deep" with his yearbook quote. After all, he spend his sophomore year battling cancer. But seriously, if a serious illness teaches you anything, it's to seize every opportunity and savor every moment. And when you get the chance to say something memorable, it's almost always better to go with the funny.

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Others tweeted at their sources of yearbook quote inspiration letting them know the impact they made on their educational careers. For example Maddie here, who was inspired by RuPaul's Drag Race star Katya Zamolodchikova.

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Because Spongebob has gifted us with countless memes, it only make sense that someone would give props to our yellow, square buddy who lives under the sea with their final words to his outgoing class. Thank goodness they attributed it to Spongebob, though, because out of context it sounds a bit... inappropriate.


Even some celebs got in on the action. Here, Nyle DiMarco of America's Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars fame paid homage to his favorite breakfast beverage. It turned out to be somewhat prophetic, given the fact that he won Season 22 of DWTS. Clearly Nyle took this advice from an OJ bottle to heart. I'm also super glad he changed his hair. This bob isn't the hottest look.

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Even if this person truly only learned this one life lesson during their four years of high school, I'd say they're ahead of the curve. It's a skill that will help them enjoy more sleep and a more productive life in general.

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Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation wasn't one to stand on ceremony of make big speeches. Clearly Rachel here relates, as he chose these very heartwarming words from the director of the parks and recreation department. END OF SPEECH.

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Rithika here used the opportunity to poke a little fun at a cultural stereotype that many South Asians would say holds true for a lot of first- and second-generation Americans.

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Girls who wear hijab to school often develop a healthy sense of humor about school pictures. Some go the route of the senior below, whose quote points out one of the downsides of wearing a headscarf you might not even think about.

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And Fatima here decided to a) put anyone on blast who asked her why she wears a hijab and b) give the most hilarious "explanation" I've ever heard. I'll be disappointed it she doesn't grow up to be a standup comedian, because that's gold.

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When all else fails, you can never really go wrong with The Office. There are so many possible quotes to go with, but the one below is equal parts amusing and low-key inspirational. Always set a higher bar in life except in one particular situation.

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But then there are some yearbook quotes that are a bit more original and complex, so they require a tag team partner to execute properly. The two guys below used their names' proximity in the alphabet to make a funny but subtle declaration. Bravo to these guys!

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Then there are some that could have a bunch of different meanings. I kind of doubt this is what Laura was trying to say but I've always felt the way to the top is with bottomless mimosas, at least if you're a brunch establishment.

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It is always great to see though when students have their priorities straight. But we live in a capitalist society, so quite honestly it's pretty solid life advice. As our queen and savior Beyoncé would say, "best revenge is your paper." Get that cheddar, Ivanna!

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Congratulations to this year's outgoing seniors. Here's hoping you made a mark like these folks. And if you didn't, take heart — it's never good to peak in high school.

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