Creators Claim TikTok's Hip Walking Trend Can Cause Body Image Issues

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jun. 22 2021, Published 1:08 p.m. ET

Another day, another TikTok trend to unpack. The video-based platform has become a central hub of information and entertainment. From learning cool dance challenges to show off your skills, new recipes to add to your cooking expertise, abbreviations to keep up on the Tikok lingo, and more, the platform offers pretty much everything that you need. 

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However, some trends and challenges on TikTok can come off a bit problematic. And the newest addition — the Hip Walking Trend — has left creators divided on whether or not they should participate. You may think that the trend has to deal with fitness, but it’s a bit more simple than that. Read on to get the 4-1-1 on the Hip Walking Trend.

The Hip Walking Trend is all about users showing off their stomachs and abs.

Leave it to TikTok to give us a trend that borders the line of fun and vanity. Over the years we’ve seen many users show off their physiques with the Body Dance Challenge inspired by Megan Thee Stallion’s hit single “Body,” while other challenges have been a bit more questionable. 

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The Hip Walking Trend has unfortunately become one of the latest challenges that has caused a divide. HITC reports that the challenge is all about sharing a close-up of your belly while walking.

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It starts off with a creator focusing on their face and then slowly showing a close-up of their stomach area as they walk. The challenge sounds simple, but it has become popular as users are showing off their abs. 

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The song behind the trend was originally Pusher's "Clear" featuring Mothica (Shawn Wasabi Remix). However, many creators are using the audio Ha Ha Ha by Poppe to create their own interpretations of the challenge.

Many users in the TikTok community have shared their opinions in comments, saying that they can’t walk like that, while others have celebrated the look of a creator's body.

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Some creators believe that the Hip Walking Trend can cause body image issues.

It’s great that people feel comfortable showing off their bodies. But, the reality is that not everyone has the confidence to do so.

Since the Hip Walking Trend highlights the looks of flat stomachs and abs, it’s something that can easily cause a divide in the community. After all, many people suffer with body image issues, and this trend can only heighten those insecurities.

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“That hip walking trend on TikTok is literally body-checking, I f------g hate the amount of 2012 ED Tumblr s--t that app has," one user tweeted.

On the flip side, the trend has also had the opposite effect. TikToker @mohitaaa shared a video of her version of the Hip Walking Trend and many people have praised her for being so open. 

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In her video, she shows off a scar from a tummy tuck which is something that some women struggle with. And many of her followers wasted no time sharing how beautiful she looks.

Truth be told, there are many trends and challenges on TikTok that don’t have body positivity in mind. That’s why it’s important for everyone to love the bodies that they have and not feel compelled to participate or feel insecure based on the actions of others. 

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