"I Don't Feel Like I Should Have This Information" — Woman Surprised by Hobby Lobby Pumpkin

A woman's dog chewed up her Hobby Lobby papier mache pumpkin decoration and inside, she found sensitive documents used to make it.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Sep. 23 2023, Published 10:43 a.m. ET

A woman took to TikTok after finding something strange in her papier mache Hobby Lobby pumpkin.

In what one person is describing as a Hobby Lobby "kinder egg," one woman shared her surprise discovery in a TikTok after her dog chewed through a papier mache pumpkin decoration. Clara (@cgillum8) shared in a video that after she came home from work to find her pumpkin broken with the insides exposed, she found something totally unexpected.

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Clara shows that the pumpkin was made out of that paper that probably should have been destroyed.

Source: TikTok / @cgillum8

Clara shows what's left of the pumpkin and explains that the inside of it looks like sensitive documents that have no place inside a decoration from a craft store. It appears that wherever this particular Hobby Lobby decor item was manufactured was done so using paper that probably should have been destroyed. And now everyone wants a Hobby Lobby pumpkin of their own.

A woman's papier mache pumpkin from Hobby Lobby was made using sensitive documents.

Source: TikTok / @cgillum8

Let's not make this into a whole thing, OK? As in, let's not make a Hobby Lobby pumpkin challenge on TikTok, because if you're anything like me, you already have way too much Halloween and fall decor in your home right now anyway.

But it's certainly hard not to want to seek out one of these papier mache pumpkins yourself to see if all of them are made in this way. What other paper documents did Hobby Lobby use?

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"I have a trial balance from a special education fund in here and their debt is over $3 million," Clara said.

Source: TikTok / @cgillum8

"I have a trial balance from a special education fund in here and their debt is over $3 million," Clara says in her video, as she reads off the documents inside of her papier mache pumpkin. "I have account numbers inside of it. Um, I don't feel like I should have this information. Like, Hobby Lobby, what are you doing here?"

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Someone messed up by letting these documents out.

Source: TikTok / @cgillum8

One comment under the video suggests that a paper shredding company is actually selling pallets of documents to craft stores like Hobby Lobby. And if that's the case, then that's a whole other issue on top of sensitive documents being used to create random decor items.

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Now, people want to get their hands on a Hobby Lobby pumpkin themselves.

Source: TikTok / @cgillum8

While most of those who commented on Clara's video are simply shook that she found something so random inside of her papier mache pumpkin, others want pumpkins now too so they can see if there are other documents inside of those.

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Commenters were shocked by the discovery.

Source: TikTok / @cgillum8

"Is this an ad for Hobby Lobby? Because now I want one of those pumpkins," one TikTok user commented. And, I mean, I get it.

"I'm about to go buy a papier mache pumpkin from Hobby Lobby just to see what I get," another user commented.

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Users tried to guess what had happened.

Source: TikTok / @cgillum8

"I bet a document shredding company somewhere is selling pallets of paper instead of shedding documents," one user guessed.

While another added: "I have 25 of these on my dining room table right now! I’ve been painting them but I kind of want to ruin one just to see what’s inside!"

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Others shared their personal experiences.

Source: TikTok / @cgillum8

"We used to find hand written notes in broken lamps," another user added. "Our managers always took them before we could translate them."

Another commenter guessed: "It’s probably the stuff from banks’ shred bins. I mean the banks don’t actually see it shredded they just have the company wheel out the bin & replace."

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In a way, this is recycling at its finest.

Source: TikTok / @cgillum8

In a way, this is recycling at its finest, but something tells me Hobby Lobby could have found a better source of material than something that no one other than the documents' original owners should probably ever see.

But Hobby Lobby may not be the first company to recycle something and use it inside another product. Another person who commented under the video claimed that they once found part of a Lucky Charms box inside a Yahtzee dice cup. Though to be fair, it's not exactly the same thing.

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What do you think?

All I'm going to say is that if you are really that pressed to get a papier mache pumpkin of your own, you may want to act fast. Because something tells me these are about to fly off the shelves, either from customers, or employees under direction to do so.


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