"It's to a Point Where People Can't Live" — Man Shows Pitiful $100 Grocery Haul

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jan. 10 2024, Updated 4:08 p.m. ET

It’s no secret that issues with the economy have impacted everyone in some way. For those of us who don’t happen to have stakes in Fortune 500 companies, the way it has hit extra hard is in the form of grocery bills. And one TikTok user by the name of Carenstino shared a video that shows what 100 dollars worth of groceries looks like to him.

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You might think you can stretch that c-note beyond the eggs, chicken, rice, and other odds and ends that Carenstino brought home from the grocery store. But, he points out in his video, he really bought what he needed for the most part. And to spend $100 on groceries that would barely last him a week is something we can all relate to in some way.

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A man shares how $100 worth of groceries got him very little food.

The TikTok user starts off his video by saying that grocery prices are “getting out of hand” and getting to the point where many can't even afford some essential grocery items. And when I say that my weekly cost of groceries has easily doubled within the last year, I’m not exaggerating, so I feel this.

“This right here, I just went grocery shopping for very basic things,” he says in the video. “This amounted to $100. Lille, this isn't even… You’re telling me this is $100? This isn't even barely anything to feed me for a couple days.”

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He shows his grocery haul, which includes a small pack of chicken, a dozen eggs, a bag of rice, some canned beverages, and a couple of bottles of juice. There’s also body wash, deodorant, and some thank-you cards. But it's unfathomable how this added up to $100 for the guy.

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Even when I do a quick assessment and round up as high as is reasonable to guess the cost of each item, my total is far from $100. Sure, it’s possible that the TikTok user shopped at a more high-end grocery store where things aren’t typically on sale and where non-food items are especially pricey. But even so, $100 for this grocery order is just ridiculous.

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The rising prices in grocery stores is something everyone can agree on.

The comments under the TikTok show that, like user Carenstino, plenty of people are outraged by the rising prices on grocery items. One user pointed out, “Regardless if you shop sales or whatever, that’s still a lot of money for that little bit of stuff.” Another said, “Yep, what I used to get for $50, is now like $120. It’s madness.”

Other TikTok users commented that buying anything other than food is where the different grocery stores get you. Which, in many cases, is true, since a pack of toilet paper and paper towels can add $20 to any grocery bill.

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I’ll be the first to admit that when people first started to complain about grocery prices, I rolled my eyes. After all, shopping almost exclusively at Aldi affords me some pretty, well, affordable trips to the store. But it's those items that I can't find there and have to purchase elsewhere that are suddenly several dollars more expensive each. And that hurts.

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