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Source: Universal Pictures

Son Gets Revenge on Homophobic Mom by Outing Her "Secret" Meatloaf Recipe Online


While vengeance is often seen as a petty and un-rewarding pursuit, it certainly seems to have made this gay man who was abused and rejected by his own mother feel a bit better about himself, if only temporarily.

Coming from a family that's deeply-rooted in "traditional" values can have its pros and cons. Some family traditions are nice, especially around the holidays, and can make special occasions feel that much more special.

Even unique family recipes that only stay within your clan can feel like a little secret you hold near and dear. You, your siblings, children, parents, grandparents, and grandkids' are all in on something - and that's pretty cool. In fact, a lot of great restaurants, businesses, and food products were spawned from ultra-secret family recipes that were honed and fine-tuned over the years. I know I'm a sucker for cooking shows where someone waxes on about their family's trademark dish.

Whether they spill the beans about the secret ingredients or not, you can tell that a lot of love went into making it and their eyes light up when discussing the special dish. For one Tumblr user's mom, it was her meatloaf.

They went on to talk about how when they were a little kid, their favorite food was this meatloaf, and that their mom's was the only one that they would ever eat. In fact, they went so far as to say they didn't like anyone else's.