These People Enacted Wonderfully Petty Revenge on Their Significant Other



One woman shared a photo of petty revenge that pretty much everyone who has ever been in a relationship can identify with, and it got a ton of others sharing their own stories of spousal vengeance.

When someone you love pisses you off beyond belief, it can be hard to express that anger. You don't want to go too far in blowing up on them, but sometimes the things they do infuriate you so much you could scream into a pillow.

But vocalizing your frustrations into fluffy objects isn't all that gratifying. Some people claim to be "above" revenge. Others say it's a dish best served cold. But I would argue — and I think a lot of these people would too — that revenge is also pretty great hot.

Even better though, is when it's served up petty.

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Those small jabs that serve more to annoy than actually cause any real harm are probably the most fun ways to "get back" at someone you love.

Which is why tons of people are relating hard to this wife's post on Reddit. 

User bearfoxmousemushroom shared a photo that depicted the result of a particular spat between her and her husband.

He was so upset that he decided he was only going to make his half of the bed.

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Although it's impossible for us to travel into her boo's mind to hear what he was thinking, it probably went something like this:

"I'll show her! Talking about marriage being an equal partnership, don't make me laugh! I'm not going to do anything for her...but I'll still have respect for myself."

That's when he saw the bed and the light bulb went off. I just know it. 

It didn't take long for others to share their own tales of pettiness.

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This guy's ex who would pack him lunch every single day when they were together didn't stop just because they had a bad argument. She just packed the most unpalatable lunch imaginable. Just a great comeback.

And this light bulb gag-master.

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There was this gentleman who thought it'd be funny to remove the lightbulbs in their house and cackle with delight when their wife tried turning the switch on and nothing happened. Classic.

It also got others thinking up of some pretty devious revenge plots.

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I'd argue that this muffin one is just taking things way too far. Unless she poked his mid-section after he confronted her about it and she says, "looks like you got all the muffin top you need right here sweetie."

Then there was this legendary prankster.

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One reveled in the memory of one husband who took all of the lids in the house and made sure they were extra, extra tight so his wife wouldn't be able to open them.

That's the kind of pettiness that's just plain inspirational for those of us who want the other person to come to us for help. 

Sometimes petty moves brought couples closer together.

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In this case, the "petty revenge" helped the couple work through their fight. These folks used their Google Home devices to break the ice after a tense argument.

Then there's this ultimate act of annoyance.

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You can technically do it to someone as much as you want — all you need to do is know their username. Man is that irksome, but brilliantly evil in a petty way.

This one wife didn't take her husband's headphones...

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...but just removed the earbuds from them. It's like walking back to your car in a sketchy neighborhood and only noticing when you walk up to it that all of your tires were replaced with crappy ones.

Then there's this guy who gets the cat involved.

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I'm not one for getting the children mixed up in everything, but I have to admit this is kinda brilliant.

In other bedroom drama, there's this.

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I have to hand it to her, especially if he sleeps naked. There's nothing worse than waking up with a butt full of animal crackers. Although this plan would backfire if they were like this couple

This next one every married guy can relate to.

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I knew it! I was never bad at finding things when I was single. Lo and behold, I'm married now and I'm constantly walking around the house like I just woke up from a coma in a zombie movie.

Trying to watch the Red Sox game? I'm sorry.

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This only takes a few seconds to do, so it's easy to get away with, but you have to imagine the guy's going to think there's something up with the TV.

Then there's the British way of going about things.

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This is just straight up barbarism, apparently. If you're a confused American, you have to pour the water directly on the tea bag or British people get very mad.

No sandwich kiss for you!

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Imagine getting someone used to a kiss on a sandwich for work every day, and then not giving them that kiss because they upset you. You hold their entire day in your hands from that moment on.

No spinach dip for you!

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I have to say this would hurt me very much if I woke up in the middle of the night, got a bag of chips out, and cracked open the fridge in the hopes of chowing down on that dip.

"Don't worry baby, I'll take care of dinner."

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This is so much better than not making dinner or telling them to get take-out anyway. Incredible.

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