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These People Enacted Wonderfully Petty Revenge on Their Significant Other


One woman shared a photo of petty revenge that pretty much everyone who has ever been in a relationship can identify with, and it got a ton of others sharing their own stories of spousal vengeance.

When someone you love pisses you off beyond belief, it can be hard to express that anger. You don't want to go too far in blowing up on them, but sometimes the things they do infuriate you so much you could scream into a pillow.

But vocalizing your frustrations into fluffy objects isn't all that gratifying. Some people claim to be "above" revenge. Others say it's a dish best served cold. But I would argue — and I think a lot of these people would too — that revenge is also pretty great hot.

Even better though, is when it's served up petty.

Source: reddit

Those small jabs that serve more to annoy than actually cause any real harm are probably the most fun ways to "get back" at someone you love.

Which is why tons of people are relating hard to this wife's post on Reddit. 

User bearfoxmousemushroom shared a photo that depicted the result of a particular spat between her and her husband.