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Source: Getty Images

Brittany Murphy's Father Believes She Was Murdered


It's been 10 years since actress Brittany Murphy died. It was ruled that the Clueless and 8 Mile star died of pneumonia, which had gone untreated for some time, leading to her death.

The Los Angeles police ruled her death to be the result of pneumonia, anemia, and a combination of prescription drugs that she was taking. After her death, police say it was preventable had she sought care sooner.

But is that really true, or is there more to the story? How did Brittany really die?

How did Brittany Murphy really die? Her father believes she was murdered.

One of the most widely-believed theories is that her death was actually a result of foul play, and her father, Angelo Bertolotti, believes that's the case.

Just over two years after her death, in 2012, Angelo filed a lawsuit alleging that the Los Angeles police department and the coroner's office had messed up their results and requested more tests to be run.