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Source: iSTOCK

Cyber Monday Is Sparking a Debate About Whether or Not to Use Amazon Smile


The call to boycott Amazon isn't a new one but it has gotten a lot of traction for the past couple of years. With Cyber Monday upon us, the call is louder than ever considering that there are few days bigger for the tech giant than the online counterpart to Black Friday. As charities all over ask to be considered for an Amazon Smile donation as people do their online holiday shopping, Twitter users are advocating for a boycott of all of Amazon, including Amazon Smile. 

The rejection of the donation machine has raised several questions, including just how Amazon Smile works and if it's really worth using.

So how does Amazon Smile work?

First things first, let's take a look at how Amazon Smile actually donates to charities. Non-profits can register for Amazon Smile at org.amazon.com and, once they are registered, Amazon users can choose a charity from the database to donate to.