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Laugh at These Amazon Prime Day Memes Instead of Buying Useless Stuff



Amazon Prime Day is coming, aka "Black Friday" for people who have premium Prime accounts with the online mega-giant retailer. So it only makes sense people would be making memes to celebrate (mock) it.

When it comes to saving a buck on consumer goods, human beings tend to get a little crazy with their spending habits. It seems like all of a sudden, everyone and their mother needs a brand-new doo-dad that they never even mentioned before, just because someone's selling it for an alleged 40% off.

And while Amazon Prime day 2019 does have some awesome deals in store for people who want to get in on the action early, and some others that'll be available once July 15 hits, it hasn't stopped people from roasting the holiday on social media. 

These hilarious Amazon Prime memes will make you laugh — and they just might inspire you to skip spending your money on useless stuff this year too.

1. Sure, you'll be able to spend $10 at Whole Foods and get a $10 Amazon credit.

But that doesn't mean you aren't going to jump at the first opportunity to get some swag if there's a good deal to be had. Currently, Amazon is offering a ton of deals on a bunch of different products.

2. The Kindle Oasis e-reader's price has been slashed by $50, making it $229.99.

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Even though you'd probably rather go on a 6-mile run than read a book right now, at least you didn't pay full price.

Amazon knows that you're going to have this mentality, most likely, which is why Prime Day is advertised so heavily.

3. Even if people are more or less underwhelmed with the prodcuts Amazon offers up on sale.

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Bezos' brand pulled in a whopping $4.19 billion for Prime Day, so it's a bit difficult to take the criticism people have of the consumer holiday seriously: customers are putting their money where their mouths are.

4. And often, it has unwanted effects.

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Like ending up cluttering your home with a bunch of useless equipment/products you didn't want in the first place because you started doing mental gymnastics to justify the purchase of something on sale.

5. We've all been there, creating those little narratives in our head.

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The "narrative" is proof that advertising works. When we see a Smartwatch for example or exercise equipment on sale, a little mini movie appears in our head. It's almost like a crumby commercial from the late '80s/early '90s.

6. We imagine that these products will make our lives easier/better.

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And as much as I believe in stimulating the economy, I know and you know that this product isn't going to do anything for us. It's not going to change our lives.

7. Because a product can't change someone's life.

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Yes, it sounds corny, but only you can. So don't get the packet of resistance bands you're never going to use anyway, or the new iPad so you can be more "mobile and productive." We both know you're going to just play Candy Crush on a bigger screen.

8. Many people online couldn't help but point out the randomness of Prime Day.

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And you find yourself buying mounds and mounds of stuff simply because it just looks cool.

9. Many were quick to point out this fact.

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Like this restaurant that has (I hope) a wonderful sense of humor and tells customers that they get a free straw with every drink purchase. Yeah, Prime Day can be like that sometimes (darn ad-on only items).

10. Others joked about it being a "religious" holiday.

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Which, just give it a little bit of time for Jeff Bezos to rule the world and it is.

11. That being said, some people who don't shop on Amazon, like this woman, make exceptions for Prime Day.

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Even though a lot of the "deals" are stinkers, you could find a treasure trove of knick knacks if you're willing to get sucked down that rabbit hole.

12. If you're planning to do that, then you should know what you need to buy and what you should avoid.

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Stay away from no-name brand smartwatches, batteries, and tablets. When it comes to buying stuff on Prime day, maybe stick to Amazon basics big-ticket items like an HDTV. They go down in price a lot.

13. Some people weren't afaid to get political with it.

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14. While others were willing to just get silly.

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It doesn't get much sillier than using "Prime Day" to celebrate the life of a magical cartoon robot in disguise.

15. Amazon Prime Day is also helping some folks realize more about themselves.

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16. Like show some people the lighted path to their one true lord and savior.

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And that man is Jeff Bezos. I'm assuming denizens flock to him and his deals to out how he has a profitable business based on this.

17. Some people definitely feel buyer's remose.

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18. Maybe these people did after seeing what was in store for them that morning after.

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How do you even make it to your front lawn? What could they have possibly ordered? 

19. It's easy to go a little bit overboard when you're faced with great amazon deals.

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20. One's bar for awesomeness could shift greatly as well.


What makes 33-year-old you happy as opposed to 23-year-old you could be two entirely different things.

21. It's also easy to have weird dreams about the "holiday."

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22. One piece of big news for Prime Day 2019 was that Amazon hired Taylor Swift to headline a concert.


The affair was a special, invite-only event, but fans could still watch the performances over Amazon Prime video.

23. Other performers on the ticket were Dua Lipa, SZA, and Becky G.

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24. Which may seem like overboard to help kick-off what's basically a sale for overstock items.

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The show itself received high praise, despite some viewers who felt that the "Prime Day" shilling was a bit heavy-handed.

25. It also didn't stop people from coming up with more ridiculous memes.

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26. And treating the "special day" as a beacon of faux-religious-piety.

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Nothing like seeing that front door on Amazon Prime Day morning, am I right kids?

27. People were even coming up with their own means of celebrating the hardworking folks who help make Prime Day a possibility.

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28. While others just feared for the livelihood of their bank accounts.

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29. And math nerds everywhere scratched their heads at this little factoid.

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If it's "Prime Day" then why are neither of the dates it falls on a prime number, and why does it take place over two days? Something isn't...adding up.

OK, I'll stop and let you buy your gravy for a discount in peace.

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