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Source: Getty/Twitter

Laugh at These Amazon Prime Day Memes Instead of Buying Useless Stuff


Amazon Prime Day is coming, aka "Black Friday" for people who have premium Prime accounts with the online mega-giant retailer. So it only makes sense people would be making memes to celebrate (mock) it.

When it comes to saving a buck on consumer goods, human beings tend to get a little crazy with their spending habits. It seems like all of a sudden, everyone and their mother needs a brand-new doo-dad that they never even mentioned before, just because someone's selling it for an alleged 40% off.

And while Amazon Prime day 2019 does have some awesome deals in store for people who want to get in on the action early, and some others that'll be available once July 15 hits, it hasn't stopped people from roasting the holiday on social media. 

These hilarious Amazon Prime memes will make you laugh — and they just might inspire you to skip spending your money on useless stuff this year too.

1. Sure, you'll be able to spend $10 at Whole Foods and get a $10 Amazon credit.

But that doesn't mean you aren't going to jump at the first opportunity to get some swag if there's a good deal to be had. Currently, Amazon is offering a ton of deals on a bunch of different products.