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People are Leaving Hilarious Amazon Reviews for This $10,000 Swiss Army Knife


There's nothing that's more useful than a Swiss army knife. Need a can opener or a screwdriver? You've got them. But Wenger probably got a little carried away when they created their 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant. The knife, which is currently available on Amazon for $9,999 plus $8.50 shipping, is an entire hardware store. 

According to the knife's Amazon page, it contains 87 implements that can be used for 141 functions. Need a shoe spike wrench? It's got that. Need a fish scaler? It's got that. And yes, it does include a nail file and nail cleaner so you can keep yourself presentable while you're doing whatever it is you do with a $10,000 knife. Now of course, no person would need 87 tools, so the knife is presented as more of a collector's item than something you'd use. 

Source: Amazon