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How Tana Mongeau Monetizes Her YouTube Channel, Show, and Marriage


Tana Mongeau may have just turned 21, but the YouTube starlet already has an enviable reported seven-figure net worth. Though Tana has proven to be a bit controversial with the way she puts her exes on blast and for her possibly staged marriage to Jake Paul, she has capitalized her antics and she's laughing her way to the bank. 

How does Tana Mongeau really make money? Inside her sponsorships, what her MTV show pays her, and her candid way of talking about her fortune.

How does Tana Mongeau really make money? She gets paid to promote her brand.

Many people who don't keep up with YouTubers were introduced to Tana Mongeau during her highly publicized romance with actress Bella Thorne

Though her PDA-filled posts may have seemed slightly over-the-top, Tana did get a ton of exposure from dating Bella. When Tana then started dating Jake Paul and then "married" him, she further expanded her brand.