How to Easily Catch a Bunger in 'Bugsnax' — It's One of Your First Objectives

A Bunger is one of the first bugsnax you'll be tasked with catching in 'Bugsnax.' Here's how to trap the aggressive critter in the game.

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 29 2022, Published 5:02 p.m. ET

The whole point of Young Horses' adorable adventure game Bugsnax is to traverse the in-game island, catching a variety of food-inspired critters. There are 100 different bugsnax that players can catch in the game, but not all of them are simple to snag.

The Bunger, a six-legged creature with a cheeseburger body and fries for legs, is one of the first bugsnax you'll encounter on your journey — here's how to catch one.

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Where to find a Bunger in 'Bugsnax.'

Wambus, the blue farmer Grumpus, is the first one to task the player with finding and catching a Bunger. You'll be able to locate the Bunger in Garden Grove, but be careful before approaching it! This bugsnak is very aggressive, and if it spots you it will charge toward you.

There's a second variation of the Bunger, the BBQ Bunger, that has the same behavior as the regular Bunger, only it's located in the Scorched Gorge biome.

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How to catch a Bunger.

Since the Bunger is so aggressive, you have to get a bit creative when it comes to catching one. Not only will it charge after you if you get too close to it, but it'll also plow right through your Snak Trap, so just setting it up along the creature's path won't do. Instead, you'll have to stun it.

Thankfully, the Bunger is attracted to the smell of ketchup — which you can get from Wambus early on in the game. Collect some ketchup packets from the farmer and then set up near the closest Bunger.

Cover another Bunger or a patch on the ground between two Bungers with Ketchup using your Sauce Slinger; the Bungers will be attracted to it and, ideally, smash into each other, knocking them out for a few seconds. When this happens, all you have to do is quickly run over to them before they get back up and scoop them up with the net.

The same goes for the BBQ Bungers, though you may need to lure the Spuddies to run into them if there isn't another BBQ Bunger nearby.

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