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Twitter Found a New Way to 'Peel' Pineapple Without All the Mess


Pineapple is one of the most delicious fruits out there, it's hard to argue otherwise. But they make us work hard for that sweetness, and unless you have some crazy pineapple tool off Amazon, there's a whole lot of cutting and getting your hands all sticky every time you want a treat. That's not even mentioning the huge mess it makes, or how quickly the rest of the fruit goes bad after you've cut it up. 

But Twitter user @KiddMSEd, a grad student from Illinois, recently discovered a new way to eat pineapple that eliminates all of the mess. Basically, all you need to do is take off the top with a knife, and then simply pull on the rind to 'peel' out little chunks of bite-sized pineapple. 

She explains the method, rather excitedly, in a video that has since gone viral with over 180,000 retweets and 500,000 likes.