Here's How to Set Your Own Alarm Sound From a TikTok Video

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Feb. 7 2024, Published 6:47 p.m. ET

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Sometimes when you're scrolling TikTok, you'll come across an audio that just tickles your brain, whether this be a remix, an original song, or just a funny clip of someone talking. In some instances, you may think to yourself 'This would be a really good sound to wake up to in the mornings.' If this is you, then you're in luck — we can show you just how to do that.

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A lot of TikTok users have been taking inspiration from a TikTok audio by @jason.dom that says "Good morning you stunning stack of f--king sunshine. Rise and f--king grind." This audio, which some are calling "BA alarm" (BA for bada-s), is incredibly easy to make your morning alarm. Here's how to make that TikTok sound into a custom ringtone.

How to set a TikTok audio as your alarm on iPhone.

There are a few different ways to download an audio from TikTok, though not all of them are entirely safe. For starters, you can copy the link into a website that allows you to download the audio from TikTok videos, though not all of these websites are safe to download from, so be sure you're using a reputable one before you decide to download.

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Another TikTok user offered a different way to download audios if you don't want to trust a random website. To start, download both GarageBand and RingtoneMaker onto your phone; both of these apps are absolutely free. Once you've done that, download the video that has the audio you want to make into a ringtone. If you want to make your "Good morning you stunning stack of f--king sunshine," we've linked the original sound here.

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From here, import the video into RingtoneMaker and then click "Make." It'll then prompt you to export it to GarageBand. Once you've made sure the audio still sounds exactly as you want it to, click the audio, rename it to whatever you want it to be called, and then select "Share." Then choose "Ringtone" and it should show up as a new ringtone option on your phone.

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If all of this is too complicated for you (we understand if it is), then you can also just look up the audio and purchase it for $1.29 on iTunes. This audio specifically is under "Good Morning You Stunning Stack of F***ing Sunshine" by Joe the Motivator, though we were only able to bring it up on the mobile version of iTunes and not via Mac.

From here, you should be able to change your morning alarm to your new custom ringtone.

How to set a TikTok audio as your alarm on Android.

If you're trying this process on Android, you'll first want to download the TikTok video with the audio you want to use. You'll then want to download a video converter from the Google Play store. Do some research before downloading, though there are plenty of reputable options available for Android devices. Make sure whatever app you use can convert a video to an MP3 file.

Follow the directions in the app you've chosen to upload the video and convert it to an MP3 file. Once you've done that and saved the audio to your device, you should be able to add it to your ringtone options by clicking the "+" button when selecting a ringtone in settings. Upload the audio and you're good to go!

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