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Source: Courtesy of Snickers

If You Want Free Snickers on Halloween, This Is How to Get Some


Aside from midday naps and not paying bills, one of the things I miss most about childhood is celebrating Halloween — back in the day, "spooky season" meant teaming up with a few friends, putting on an October-appropriate costume, and trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

And this year, to honor the late October holiday, Snickers will be doling out free bags of candy. So if you've surpassed the appropriate age to trick-or-treat, here’s how to get free Snickers on Halloween.

This is how to get free Snickers for Halloween:

If you’re up-to-date on all the latest in candy news, you may recall earlier this year when Snickers sparked a heated debate on Change.org, according to a press release. They petitioned the federal government to officially change the date of Halloween to Saturday, Oct. 26. 

And honestly, I get it — Halloweekend celebrations are far more fun than throwing down mid-week, and according to the press release, it encourages a “longer and safer” holiday. Who knew?