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Source: Twitter

A Fast Food Chicken Sandwich War Has Taken Over Twitter


In 2019, we don't have a lot. But we do have the Great Chicken Sandwich War, and for that we can be thankful (100 percent thanks to #BlackTwitter for this cultural moment and many others). You see, Popeyes Chicken recently released a new chicken sandwich. It's simple. Fried chicken, pickles, sauce, bun. And people love it. It's apparently a very good chicken sandwich, which is throwing everything we know about good fast food chicken sammies into flux. 

Chick-fil-A threw some shade. Wendy's got in on the action. And pretty soon, we had a full-out chicken sandwich war waging on Twitter. Whose side are you on? 

I have to say this new Popeyes sandwich looks pretty delicious.

Source: Twitter

It's been mere days since Popeyes released this chicken sandwiches into stores nationwide. And it quickly went completely viral for being super delicious. It was immediately hailed as a fast food game changer.