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Source: Twitter

Young People Think the Old-School Save Icon Is a Vending Machine


Occasionally, a young person will say something, and we will be reminded that though we may consider ourselves youthful and spiritedly, we are indeed ancient, wrinkly beings who are rapidly hurtling toward death. Among the things a young person can say that will trigger that realization are the words "Jo Jo Siwa," and...that's all I got because I literally have no idea what else young people talk about these days.

Alternatively, I know a lot of words that would probably make young people give me blisteringly blank stares. Among those are "VHS tapes," "Walkmen," "Leg warmers," and "floppy disks." You see, even though the floppy disk is still used as the universal "Save" icon in lots of computer programs, it recently became painfully clear that the floppy disk is obsolete when a young person asked why the save icon in Microsoft Excel is a vending machine. 

Source: Twitter