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Sean Astin Went Viral for No Reason Other Than That He Is Delightful


When an actor starts trending on Twitter and they don't have a movie coming out, your first thought is probably, "Uh oh. What did they do?" or "Uh oh. Did they die?" I know that's what went through my brain when I saw Sean Astin's name on the list of Twitter's trending topics a couple days ago. 

But when I hesitantly clicked to find out more, I was pleasantly surprised. Sean Astin, child actor (The Goonies) turned teen actor (Rudy) turned bonafide adult star (The Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things), was trending simply because he is delightful and people appreciate him. 

It all started when one Twitter user posted these adorable pictures of Sean Astin swimming with otters.

Source: Twitter

I bet you didn't know you needed pictures of Sean Astin swimming with otters in your life. But you know now. They're adorable. Too cute. This tweet went totally viral and has amassed over 13,000 retweets and 91,000 likes. And not only that, but it also sparked an unofficial Sean Astin Appreciation Day on Twitter. Thanks to this tweet, he started trending in a big way.