Snag Your Subaru Badge of Ownership and Drive in Style

Jamie Lerner - Author

Dec. 5 2023, Published 1:18 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Subaru offers a Badge of Ownership, which is a personalized emblem for car owners.

  • You can obtain a badge by visiting, inputting your VIN, model, and make, and customizing it with a Loyalty Number and up to five Lifestyle Icons.

  • The Badge of Ownership allows Subaru owners to showcase their unique interests and experiences, which fosters a sense of community among enthusiasts.

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Nowadays, car companies will come up with incentives to lure in new customers and keep their regular ones returning. Since cars are one of the biggest purchases most consumers make repeatedly, developing ways to keep customers coming back makes sense. As it turns out, Subaru came up with the cutest marketing ploy ever with their Badge of Ownership.

Everyone wants a Badge of something, whether it be a Badge of Honor, a Boy or Girl Scout Badge, or in the case of Subaru, a Badge of Ownership. Badges give people a sense of achievement. By making a badge available to their car owners, Subaru is acknowledging what an achievement it is to own a car. TikToker Danielle Davila (@usmcbourbonwife) showed us her Subaru badge on TikTok, and now we want one too! Here’s the best way to get it.

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Danielle Davila showed her TikTok followers how she got her Subaru Badge of Ownership.

In a 50-second video, Danielle shared how her Subaru Forester is her “car soulmate.” Danielle believes that she’ll be a “Subaru driver for life.” Then she shows off her Subaru Badge of Ownership, which she can put on the back of her car, and it’s honestly adorable.

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The badge starts with a circle of if it’s the person's first, second, third, etc. Subaru. So, Danielle shows us that it’s her first Subaru. But then there are bits that one can add to the main badge that shows off a little about the owner and their family. Danielle explains, “We are a military family,” as she adds a little military badge, and she puts a “road trip” badge next to it, likely to signify that the Subaru has taken a road trip.

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“And then I got the family one,” she says as she adds a heart with the word “family” inside of it. “And because I’m a photographer too, I put a little camera.” Not only is it cute, Danielle tells us, but it’s also free! Any Subaru owner can get their own personalized Badge of Ownership.

To get a Subaru Badge of Ownership, just go to the Subaru website and put in your information.

While some people are wary about sharing too much information with corporations and with people who can see their car, others love the idea of personalizing their Subarus a little more. To do this, just go to and build your badge. To justify why they made the badge aside from retaining customers, the website says:

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“Subaru owners are known for living life to the fullest and love to share their interests with others. Now you have a unique way to let other Subaru owners know what you enjoy most with your own Badge of Ownership.”

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To build it, you just need your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), model, and make. Other than that, you can customize the badge any way you’d like! First, you’ll select your Loyalty Number, and then you can add up to five Lifestyle Icons out of 33 options.

Lifestyle Icons range from family and Pride to marathon and breast cancer awareness. There are even icons for mileage, pets, sports, hobbies, health, and other aspects that could define a Subaru owner’s lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Go get that Badge of Ownership!

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