Looking to Get the Xenophage Weapon in 'Destiny 2'? Here's How to Get Your Hands on One

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Apr. 26 2022, Published 4:49 p.m. ET

Source: Bungie

Xenophage in 'Destiny 2'

Among the many weapons and tools at your disposal in Destiny 2, the Xenophage is most certainly one of the best. It's a versatile and unique weapon that can really pack a punch during online matches. But as an exotic weapon in the game, it's not the easiest machine gun to get your hands on. Exotic items in Destiny 2 are the rarest in the game, meaning obtaining one isn't as simple as you think. Check out a quick breakdown of the quest to help you get the Xenophage for yourself.

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Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online multiplayer shooter from Bungie, the same creators as the Halo franchise. This space-faring shooter pits players in treacherous matches of either PvE (player versus environment) or PvP (player versus player). Aside from online deathmatches, there are also several story missions to contextualize the world of Destiny 2, with new ones being added every season.

That being said, there's a certain quest line for players to follow to obtain the Xenophage.

xenophage gameplay
Source: YouTube/Ehroar

Xenophage gamplay

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Here's how you can get the Xenophage in 'Destiny 2'.

The Xenophage packs a punch with its high ammo count and powerful explosive rounds. With its wide range of uses in all sorts of game modes, it'll naturally require some effort to get. In fact, it has a whole exotic quest for you to complete. GamesRadar has a comprehensive guide to the quest. In order to start the quest for the Xenopage, you'll need to have the Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep, downloaded and ready. In the Scarlet Keep, you'll find a statue puzzle that you'll have to complete.

Solving the puzzle kicks off the exotic quest, "Emergence." From here, you'll have the first piece of the Xenophage. After that, all that's left is to collect the other pieces. Sounds simple enough, but it certainly isn't.

Going through the rest of the quest will require you to solve more puzzles. Using a flaming orb, you must light six lanterns in order in a hidden area within the Anchor of Light. Then, you'll have to complete the Lost Sectors on the Moon and solve each Hive rune puzzle at the end.

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Source: YouTube/Ehroar

A gamer using Xenophage against strike bosses

Once you solve those, you're not done quite yet. You'll have to traverse the Pit of Heresy dungeon. Various rooms in the dungeon require you to fulfill different objectives. The first room requires you to activate a rune within the walls. Another room has you lighting more lanterns with fiery orbs. Last, but certainly not least, the third room pits you against a boss enemy. The Wizard boss is a 970 Power fight, which means it's no slouch. Luckily, that's the last step for the quest.

Beating the boss requires multiple elements and exploiting its weaknesses. But once you do, you'll be rewarded with a Hive bug. Give that bug to Eris back on the moon and earn yourself a shiny new Xenophage!

Destiny 2 is available on most major gaming platforms.

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