Using a Composter in 'Minecraft' Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Crops

'Minecraft' lets you make all kinds of tools to build the world you want. Here's how you can create a composter and what that compost can do for you.

Kori Williams - Author

Jul. 22 2022, Published 11:40 a.m. ET

One of the best aspects of Minecraft is in its name — crafting. Everything from your bed to your weapons can be made once you've gathered all the right materials. One item in particular that you can make in this 8-bit game is a composter, and works just like one would IRL. You can put some "biological material" into it to create fertilizing bone meal. It's also an important tool for farmer villagers. Here's how you can make one for yourself.

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How do you make a composter in 'Minecraft'?

In the game, composters are made from three planks of wood and four fences. Luckily, any kind of wood will do, so these aren't difficult to make. Once you have enough of them, just add them so that the planks take up the bottom row and the fences take up the cells on the side leaving the top-middle and center cells free. This should create a "U" shape.

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Then, tap the composter, and you're done.

If you're looking to cause a little in-game mischief, you can always steal one from a village farmer. To find a composter out in the wild, you will have to look for a village farm where they can spawn. NPC farmers can use them as part of their job site blocks, although not all of them will be automatically taken.

How do you use a composter in 'Minecraft'?

Luckily, composters are pretty straightforward to use, and there are visual cues you can look for to help. While using it, you can add any kind of compostable material like fruits, veggies, and bones to make bone meal. That can then be used to fertilize many crops in Minecraft.

When you use a composter in the game, there are seven layers that can be filled up until it's full. This means that you can use seven pieces of whatever compostable material you have.

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Each time you add a layer to your composter, you will see green sparkles that fade soon after, and the layers of material itself are brown in color. Once you fill up the composter, the material inside will have white spots in it. From there, you can collect the bone meal inside and use it to fertilize your plants.

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What is the best thing to put in a 'Minecraft' composter?

According to Sportskeedia, there are certain plants you can use in your composter that have a big chance of increasing their compost levels. Flowering azalea trees, baked potatoes, and wheat, for example, are all options that increase the chance by 85 percent. But these numbers don't mean that there will definitely be an increase.

If you already have bones, you can use those to bone meal, instead. RajCraft on YouTube says that bones can show up in chests located in Jungle Temples, Desert Temples, Dungeons, and more. Fishing in the game also has the possibility of giving you bones. When you get seven bones, you throw them in the composter just like you would any other material to make bone meal.

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