Cats Will Help Ward Off Creepers in 'Minecraft' — Here's How to Tame One

Cats are a passive mob in 'Minecraft' that is actually incredibly simple to tame — if you know how to find one. Here's what you need to know.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 12 2022, Published 6:56 p.m. ET

You can tame just about any animal mob in Minecraft with the right resources and determination — and after the 1.19 update released, there are more mobs than ever for players to interact with during their next gaming session. Players can interact with animals like frogs, axolotls, horses, and so much more thanks to these mobs.

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Cats have long been a staple part of Minecraft, being one of the first animals players try to domesticate for themselves (next to dogs, of course). You can tame one for yourself and give it a home — and thankfully, it's not that hard. Here's how to find and tame a cat.

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Where to find a cat in 'Minecraft.'

Unfortunately, there's not one location on any Minecraft map where you can find a cat, but there's still relatively easy to find. Different-colored cats are found in different locations.

Most colors of cats will be found near villages, depending on the village's population and which version of the game you're playing. In the Java edition, if there are at least five claimed beds in the village, there's likely to be at least one cat in the area. In Bedrock, this ratio is four to one.

Black cats may also spawn in villages, though they'll only spawn if it's a full moon in the Java edition of the game.

The only other place to find cats in the wild is at a swamp hut with a witch. There will always be one black cat with a witch inside a swamp hut, and any other cat that spawns within the area will be a black cat.

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How to tame a cat in 'Minecraft.'

Once you've located a cat in Minecraft, taming it will be fairly simple — so long as you have the required materials.

You'll want to make sure you have a fishing rod so you can catch the fish needed to tame the cat of your choice. You'll need either raw cod or raw salmon to feed the cat, and it'll likely take more than one to get the cat to warm up to you.

Once you've found a good supply of the fish, find the cat you're looking to tame.

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Equip the raw fish in your hand and give one to the untamed cat. The cat should slowly start warming up to you as you feed it more of the raw fish.

When hearts start to appear over the cat's head, you'll know that the taming is working. One the cat has a collar that appears around its neck, it has been successfully tamed.

Tamed cats will follow you around the map unless instructed to sit. Even if you lose track of your cat, it can teleport to you.

As the cat follows you around, it will repel both creepers and phantoms, keeping you safe as you traverse the land.

Beyond that, cats are really just a mob that's there for entertainment purposes — but if you're a cat person, you can live out your cat-loving dreams in the game.

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