Frogs Are Recent Additions to the World of 'Minecraft' — Here's Where They Spawn

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jun. 8 2022, Updated 1:56 p.m. ET

There are all sorts of animals you can befriend and interact with in Minecraft. Whether you're keeping a collection of a certain species for your crafting purposes, fending off predators or pests from your constructs, or are even keeping virtual pets in your game, animals in Minecraft are a unique experience in an already unique and unpredictable setting. Believe it or not, new animals get added to the game all the time. Case in point: frogs!

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This new species was recently added to the game. Where do they spawn and what kinds of frogs are there? Here's everything we know about frogs in Minecraft.

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Fans are wondering where frogs spawn in 'Minecraft'.

Minecraft is a sandbox game where players can collect materials and build enormous structures. The long-running game is known for its sprawling environments and creative user-generated experiences.

In June 2022, the game rolled out the Wild Update. As the name suggests, the update adds new biomes and wild species that players can check out and interact with. These include new blocks, new mobs like the Axolotl and the Warden, and yes, also frogs.

In Minecraft, frogs are a passive mob that comes in three variants, depending on where they are found. They can be bred by being fed slimeballs in order for them to spawn tadpoles that eventually mature into frogs. When provoked, they attack using their tongues to pull opponents into their mouths. If you or your tamed pets defeat them, they don't drop anything other than 1-3 experience points.

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As for where they spawn, you can find frogs hanging out around swamps. Mobs of two to five frogs can be found in swamp and mangrove swamp areas. You can also encounter different variants of frogs depending on the biome they grew up in. Frogs in temperate biomes become orange. Cold biomes produce green frogs. Lastly, warm biomes result in gray frogs.

Whether you're a frog fanatic or just looking to take in the entire Wild update, it's time to go swamp diving to check out those frogs.

Source: Mojang Studios

'Minecraft: The Wild Update' launch trailer

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Here's how to tame frogs and what they eat in 'Minecraft.'

While taming animals to work alongside you is a common occurrence in Minecraft, frogs can't be tamed normally, according to sites like Twinfinite. For example, tamed wolves can attack anyone that you attack, but frogs don't function in the same way. That being said, you can indirectly control them.

If you're holding a slimeball item, a group of frogs will follow you wherever you go. You can also attach a Lead to a frog to walk them around more directly.

In terms of what they eat, you can also feed those very slimeballs to frogs to get them to breed. Once you feed them, they'll head to the nearest body of water and lay frogspawn. These turn into tadpoles and eventually grow into frogs.

You can't tame frogs in the traditional sense, but you can still amass something of an army!

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