You Craft Make Your Very Own Fox Your Companion in 'Minecraft'

Foxes are a passive mob in 'Minecraft,' but what do they eat — and is there a way to tame them? Having a fox as a companion can be very helpful.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 5 2022, Published 6:38 p.m. ET

There's no shortage of adorably blocky mobs in Minecraft, and the animals are easily some of the players' favorites. Axolotls, frogs, and foxes are just some of the animal mobs present in the game that players have become drawn to, doting on them and making them digital pets of sorts.

But before you can befriend the next fox you find in Minecraft, you'll have to find out what it eats and how to tame it.

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What do the foxes eat?

If you're trying to befriend the foxes you find on your journey throughout the game, you'll want to have some of its favorite food on hand. While foxes in Minecraft will eat a lot of different foods, it prefers sweet berries.

These berries are found on sweet berry bushes, which can be dangerous to the player. They are prickly bushes that can cause damage if you don't harvest the berries from them in the proper manner. Foxes are the only mob that does not take damage from these bushes.

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Can you tame a fox in 'Minecraft'?

Taming a fox in Minecraft is, again, a bit different than taming other mobs in the game. Most passive mobs in Minecraft can be tamed if given enough of their favorite food, but giving a fox multiple sweet berries won't get it to follow you around and protect you while you play. Instead, the only way to tame a fox is to raise it from when it's a pup — meaning you'll have to successfully snag a newborn fox away from its parents.

You'll first want to get two foxes to mate. To do this, give two foxes who are near each other sweet berries at the same time. If done correctly, hearts will form above their heads and they will mate with each other, producing a baby fox.

When this happens, make sure you have a lead on you. You'll want to tie the lead to the baby fox and lead it away from its parents. While this is not the kindest way to treat the digital animal, it is the only way to get it to follow you.

Once you've placed significant distance between you and the adult foxes, the baby fox should agree to follow you around. It will then be your companion and attack aggressive mobs when prompted. If you give the fox a weapon, it will deal additional damage to enemies — making it a worthy companion to have on your journey.

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