"I Have No Idea Where He Went" — Man Reveals His Husband Doesn't Say Anything Before He Goes to Bed

In a viral video, a man revealed that his husband's "beige flag" is that he doesn't say anything before he goes to bed. Read on for the full story.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Oct. 31 2023, Published 5:20 p.m. ET

Even if I'm extremely tired, I still make it my mission to bid my family goodnight before I head up to bed. It's common courtesy in my household, but for some people, it's the last thing they want to do.

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Take it from TikTok creator Jay (@jaythegay4), who revealed that his husband doesn't say anything before he goes to bed. OK, does anyone else find this a bit (or very) strange?! Anyway, keep reading for all the known details, and stick around to find out what the internet has to say about Jay's husband's nighttime habits.

A man wears an eye mask while sleeping.
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A man revealed that his husband doesn't say anything before he goes to bed.

In the viral video, posted on Oct. 30, 2023, Jay revealed that his husband's "beige flag" is that he never says anything before he goes to bed. Um, that seems like a red flag to me — anyone else?! Jay noted that his husband doesn't even mention that he's tired; he just goes to bed without letting anyone know.

"[He] just leaves the room and disappears," Jay explained to his followers. "I have no idea where he went. I thought, on God, for the past, easily hour and a half, two hours ... he was in the bathroom taking a s---."

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"I even texted him, 'Are you OK?' [but] I get nothing back," the TikTok creator continued. "I get up, [and find him looking like a] Victorian child asleep [in our bed]." LOL, that's actually pretty funny — but also a bit terrifying. Seriously, what if Jay's husband had left the house or went outside for a second and never returned?

I might be overreacting, but those are things that everyone needs to think about sometimes!

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Many fellow TikTokers said their spouses do the same thing.

As of now, Jay's video has been viewed more than 31,700 times and counting. It also received several comments from fellow TikTokers who revealed that their spouses do the exact same thing.

"We're usually chillin' in bed together, and he just says, 'Sleep time now' rolls over, and boom — he's out. We could be mid-conversation, [and he just falls asleep]," one TikTok user explained.

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"That's an Irish goodnight🤣"
Source: TikTok / @darksideqp91

A second person commented, "It makes me mad bc I would have gone to bed with him if he had said something. Now, I have to fight for the blanket." Ugh, isn't that the absolute worst?!

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"My hubby does the same sometimes," a third TikTok user wrote. "I'll just be about my day, and [then] all the sudden [I realize] that I haven't seen him in hours."

Another TikToker responded, "AHHHH!!! [My husband] does this too!! One time, I went all the way down to the barn looking for him, and he was just… asleep," alongside a rolling eyes emoji.

"i do that 😭 was he an only child by chance?" "LMAO YEP"
Source: TikTok / @kyraw03 / @jaythegay4
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"My old roommate would pause card games [and] we thought he'd come back to finish the game. He was in bed every time," a TikTok user hilariously disclosed.

Someone else shared, "Mine does the same. Just wanders off like a house cat. I'll find him when I find him."

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