This Husband Sending His Wife a Meeting Invite Is Honestly Relationship Goals

A husband sent his wife a meeting invite during the middle of the day. Who happened next? We explain it all inside. Read on to find out.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 3 2023, Published 10:47 p.m. ET

In the age of work from home, remote, and hybrid models, there's a saying that goes "Yet another meeting that should have been an email," and if you are in corporate America, then you can relate deeply to this. Which it why it was so concerning to one woman when her husband sent her a meeting invite during a week day.

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That's right. Danielle Stutzman, who goes by @stutzmandanielle on TikTok, not only told us that her husband sent her a meeting invite, but she actually recorded the entire meeting for us.

We explain it all below.

Why did a husband send his wife a meeting invite on TikTok?

The video posted by Danielle, who posts mostly fitness and lifestyle content, has 796.2K views, with 23.8K likes, and 170 comments. Needless to say, it's popular.

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The video has the words, "My husband sent me a meeting invite in the middle of the day and this is what happened," and the caption, "Watching till the end is worth it — anyone else married to a Golden Retriever?"

The video starts with Danielle's husband, Clay Stutzman, stating that he is a "CEO young professional." His wife quickly cuts him off and asks him why he called her in for this meeting.

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Clay then says, "I have to show you" while trying to figure out how to share his screen. Once he figured it out, he starts into a corporate bit. Now, everyone is curious about the meeting, including Danielle.

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Clay begins by saying, "So last meeting we had some stuff going on with everything and so we're just going to come over here and let's do green. And then, got a very important question from the big boss" and proceeds to start to write on the screen.

Clay continues the bit, saying, "So this is the diagram that will help us to get to what they think is nice for us. And I think we can do it." Danielle responds and laughs as she says, "S---," but then cuts herself off with, "Sorry that's not professional."

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As you can see from the image above, Clay wrote, "Wanna Walk?" on the screen, in essence asking his wife if she wants to go on a walk, which is low key adorable. Actually high key. High key adorable. He continues to pretend to lead a corporate meeting, even drawing arrows on the screen.

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Clay ends the meeting by saying, "So, that is all we had for today. Did anyone have any closing notes... I'm going to go ahead and stop sharing. I think Janis is going to put this all up on the cloud." The video ends with both Clay and Danielle cackling.

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The commenters loved this just as much as we did. Once person wrote, "Y'all seriously need to have daily meetings! So cute!" Another wrote, "Of course a Golden Retriever would have a meeting about going for a walk." Britt commented, "Whatever this is, I'd like in my next relationship."

Same Britt, same. We truly wish Danielle and Clay nothing but the best and are manifesting the same for the rest of us still out here on these streets.

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